“Tik-Tok’s” ability to steal private information has been revealed

TikTok (Doin), China’s largest short-form video sharing platform, collects users’ private information, which the Chinese government can view at any time, and industry figures have recently been urging people to be cautious on TikTok. . The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported on August 21 that an important “ability” of “Tik-Tok” to collect private information is the browser it provides.

According to the report, the researchers found that most people entered usernames and passwords on their phones while directly clicking on the web addresses displayed on the “Tik-Tok” screen. I found that it will be automatically recorded in the stream.

Directly opening a link in Tik-Tok is done without the help of Chrome or Safari, which is one of the web browsing tools that most people use almost every day, so Tik-Tok will record this information directly. Felix Krause, a cyber security expert, said: “The worst part is that Tik-Tok has a system that can record hand movements up to the keyboard.” “This is not the result of such a large company making a mistake.”

According to the article, experts in the research group have tested the same URLs using Android and Apple systems. As a result, it has been proven that these websites are free of such information collection. Officials of “Tik-Tok” responded to questions about this: “We do not collect user information. The purpose of the code on TikTok is not to collect information. Currently, this research report is playing a role in clarifying many people’s understanding of “Tik Tok”.

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