Virus epidemic in Uyghur region continues to cause concern – Uyghur

The outbreak of the Tajik virus in the Uyghur region has been causing concern for people from all walks of life. According to a report released by the Chinese government on August 24th, as of midnight that day, there were 13 new cases of the virus in the Uyghur region, mostly in Urumqi. There were 154 asymptomatic cases in the entire region, mostly in the areas between Urumqi and Korla. With this, there are now 53 confirmed cases and 3,110 cases of asymptomatic cases in the region.

According to the report of the Chinese government-run “China News” network on August 25, the Chinese authorities have announced that the Tajik virus epidemic in the Uyghur region is under control and the number of infected people is decreasing, and the epidemic area is restricted to Yining, Urumqi and Sanji districts. Hu Jichun, a member of the health and healthcare team of the Uygur Autonomous Region, said, “The initial control of the epidemic in Gulja district has been achieved.” At a press conference organized by the Urumqi city government, it was announced that more than 70 hospitals in Urumqi have been designated for the treatment of seriously infected patients. However, information from social media shows that due to the severe siege measures in Yining City, the local Uyghurs are starving and their daily life is paralyzed.

The Chinese government is still looking for the source of the virus outbreak from outside the country, and this time also announced that some of the asymptomatic infected people in Urumqi city came from outside the country. However, due to the fact that the Chinese government has always kept the information about the virus epidemic as a state secret and has sent a lot of false information in the release of this information, the truth of the current virus situation is still unknown.

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