Wave Isa heard the issue of the Uyghur genocide at the World Moral Forum

The president of the World Uyghur Congress, Mr. Sang Isa, presented examples of the danger China is bringing to the world with the Uyghur genocide at the “World Moral Forum” held in Portsina, Switzerland.

The conference held on August 26-27 was attended by 80 people from all fields and professions from America, Europe and Asian countries. On behalf of the Uyghurs, the President of the World Uyghur Congress, Sang Isa, and the Chairman of the Uyghur Youth Committee, Mr. Free Zunun, participated. reported on the situation.

Our interviewer, Mr. Wang Isa, said: “We attended the ‘World Ethics Forum’ meeting in Portsina, Switzerland. The participation of the World Uyghur Congress in this conference by special invitation. I participated with the staff member of the World Uyghur Congress, Free Zunun. More than eighty human rights activists, lawyers, artists, journalists and writers from the United States, Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, as well as Canada, South Africa, India and European countries participated in the conference. This meeting is an important meeting of people from all fields and professions.

د ئۇ ق نىڭ رەئىسى دولقۇن ئەيسا ئەپەندى شىۋېتسارىيەنىڭ پورتىسىنا شەھىرىدە ئۆتكۈزۈلگەن «دۇنيا ئەخلاق مۇنبىرى» يىغىنىدا خىتاينىڭ ئۇيغۇر ئىرقىي قىرغىنچىلىقى بىلەن دۇنياغا ئېلىپ كېلىۋاتقان خەۋپىنى مىساللار بىلەن ئوتتۇرىغا قويماقتا. 2022-يىلى 26-ئاۋغۇست.

Mr. Wang Jesus said that the “World Ethics Forum” conference organized by the Swiss government and some non-governmental organizations in Switzerland focused on how to build a beautiful world in the future. Today, when people are polluting the world, air and water, and many good habits and morals are being destroyed, how can we protect them? How can we build a beautiful future? It was held in the form of exchanging ideas, understanding, and exchanging experiences on a series of issues.

In a speech at the closing ceremony held at Rondo Hall in Switzerland on August 27th, Wang Jesus spoke about the genocide that China is carrying out to destroy the Uyghur identity and culture, what it is doing to destroy democracy in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and how the Chinese Communist Party poses a threat to the world’s security. presented by He stopped at that.

The chairman of the Youth Committee of the World Uyghur Congress Mr. Free Zunun, who participated in the meeting together with Mr. Shang Isa, said that the issue of “Uyghur Genocide” was heard during the two days, and the participants responded very well to it.

According to Mr. Sang Isa, the president of the Association, the meeting called “World Ethics Forum” held under the support of the Swiss government will be held once every two years.

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