Why was the republic in 1944 called “Eastern Turkistan” instead of “Uyghuristan”?

Since the first half of the 19th century, the Uyghurs, together with other Muslim peoples, rebelled against the occupation of the Manchu Empire and the Chinese occupation in the 1930s and 1940s. In particular, in 1930-1940, the republic was named “Eastern Turkistan”. Although the Uyghurs are the most populous people in the entire Uyghur region and the main force in the struggle for independence and liberation against the occupation, they did not use the name “Uyghuristan” when naming their established regime. Although the name Uyguristan existed among Uyghurs in the 1920s and 1930s, even though names such as Uyghur Eli and Uygistan were used for many centuries in history, the two republics established in the 20th century were uniformly named “Eastern Turkistan”.

So there were no discussions and debates among the revolutionary leaders about how to name their regime and how to name their country? On November 12, 1944, when the East Turkistan revolutionary government that existed from 1944 to 1949 was established, did the members of the “Liberation Organization” and related leaders call the country “East Turkistan Republic” without discussing what to call it? On November 12, 1944, when the East Turkistan Republic government was officially established in Yining City, one of the 16 members of the government, the late Abdur Raup Makhsum Ibrahimi, who was the Secretary General of the East Turkistan Republic Government, died on November 12, 2004. He said that there were many discussions about the name, some people proposed to call it “Istan Uyghur Republic”, while others said to call it “Eastern Turkistan Republic”.

According to Abdur Raup Makhsum Ibrahimi, the name Uighuristan is suitable for the wishes of the Uyghurs, but when it is called the East Turkistan Republic, it is believed that it will be beneficial to completely destroy the Chinese regime by uniting and uniting the people of all ethnicities.

Abdur Raup Makhsum Ibrahim emphasized that another important aspect of naming the republic they will announce as East Turkistan is that the state established in Kashgar on November 12, 1933 under the leadership of Sabit Damollam and others has adopted the name East Turkistan, and that they intend to rebuild that republic.

However, Abdur Raup Makhsum Ibrahimi emphasized that East Turkistan is unrelated to Pan-Turkism, and they never promoted Pan-Turkism or Pan-Islam as the Chinese accused them. Pan-Turkism and Pan-Islamism is nothing more than a slander by the Chinese and Soviet Communists, especially the Chinese Communists.

Historian Kahriman Gojambardi from Kazakhstan and Taran Uygur, a historical researcher from the United States, agreed with the views of Abdur Raup Makhsum Ibrahim and presented their understanding of the use of the term East Turkistan at that time.

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