“10 years of China. “Religious freedom has been given to the Uyghurs” in reverse propaganda under the theme of “Xinjiang”.

On August 27, at a press conference organized by the Party Committee of the Uygur Autonomous Region on the topic of “Xinjiang Ten Years: Xinjiang”, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region Ma Xingrui, Deputy Secretary and Head of the Propaganda Department Zhang Chunlin answered questions from reporters and said, “Religious faith in Xinjiang “The freedom policy has been fully implemented, normal religious activities have been legally guaranteed, and citizens’ rights to freedom of religious belief have been guaranteed.”

Mr. Ilshat Hasan, a political observer in the United States, said that for 20 years, the Chinese government has worn the hat of “religious extremism” on the Uighurs and other ethnic groups, painted the eyes of the international community under the pretext of “fighting terrorists”, and on the one hand, destroyed mosques, burned the Qur’an, and carried out national genocide by arresting the people. However, today they gather their reporters and continue their false propaganda. Mr. Ilshat Hasan, a political observer, said that China’s above-mentioned crimes have already been exposed to the world, and no one can deny it.

On June 2nd of this year, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke at the 2021 International Religious Freedom Report and said that since 2017, China has tried to commit genocide against Uyghurs and other Muslims, putting more than a million people in concentration camps and brainwashing them. They claimed to have washed and destroyed their mosques. US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Rashad Hussain said that two countries in today’s world, namely China and Burma, are committing genocide against their own people. China uses a high-tech persecution system to torture Uighurs and other Muslims in prison camps, separate parents and children, and commit serious crimes against humanity. He was strongly accused of committing a crime.

Zhang Chunlin’s words at the press conference, such as “every nation has freedom of belief, and the right to believe or not believe in religion or to choose which religion belongs to them,” are completely repeated nonsense in the CPC’s religious policy. , religious beliefs became subject to it. That is, the believers were forced to adapt their holy orders to the Communist Party’s decrees.

Zhang Chunlin also said that “believers can carry out normal religious activities in their own religious places and homes.” In fact, the Chinese government has shut down or locked down thousands of mosques in the Uyghur region, placing Chinese cadres in people’s homes and banning all religious activities. The religious worship of Uyghur Muslims is now completely under the supervision and control of the Chinese government, which also opens mosques when necessary for propaganda, and closes them down otherwise.

According to Zhang Chunlin’s campaign, the Chinese government has translated and published religious books into English, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz for 10 years; He improved the conditions of mosques, temples, and churches. However, the opposite was the case, and the international press and mass media showed that the Chinese government had collected and burned religious books such as the Koran and torched thousands of mosques.

According to Zhang Chunlin’s introduction, the Chinese government has been focusing on training Islamic scholars for 10 years. In 2017, 200 million yuan was allocated to build a new teaching area of ​​Xinjiang Islamic Institute; Then he established a branch institute in 8 places such as Ili, Sanji, Turpan, Hotan, and formed a “one-center multi-department religious education system”. The Chinese government will train and employ clerics here according to the “principle of focused, planned, and focused training.”

Mr. Turvanjan Alavidin, vice president of the East Turkistan Scholars Union, stated that China has done the complete opposite of what it has been saying in this campaign for ten years.

The former director of the Xinjiang Islamic Institute, a famous religious scholar, Muhammad Saleh Damolla Haji, died in a camp that China called an “educational center” in early 2018. After that, there were reports that the teachers of the institute were taken to the camps one by one. According to Turvanjan Alaveedin, the Xinjiang Islamic Institute, which was handed over to the “Chinese Mullah” Abdurakib Arin Niyaz 10 years ago, is now not a place of higher religious knowledge, but a propaganda place that works for Xi Jinping’s policy of “Chineseization of Islam” and is set up to paint the eyes of the Muslim world. That’s it.

In this press conference, Ma Xingrui said that he has been sticking to the policy of “Chineseization of Islam”. Although Zhang Chunlin did not mention this, it is clear that China will continue this policy for a long time. Mr. Ilshat Hasan analyzed this: “Jang Chunlin may not have mentioned it considering the negative impact it will have on the Muslim world. But this does not mean that China will give up that policy, it is only a temporary tactic.

Mr. Ilshat Hasan also explained the reason why China praised the religious policy in this press conference: “People in the Muslim world are more aware of China’s crimes. China may be trying to improve its image, but such a lie is in front of the facts of China’s victims. It doesn’t flow,” he said.

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