24 new cases were found in the Uygur region, and Urumqi is still under siege

According to the report released by “China News Network” on September 6, the number of newly infected asymptomatic patients in the Uyghur region has reached 24 by September 6. Among them, there were 7 cases in Urumqi, 12 cases in Yining City, 2 cases in Shikho City, 1 case in Qutubi County, and 2 cases in Korla City. 4 people have been discharged from the hospital and 17 people have been discharged from isolation.

The report said that “in Xinjiang, 16 people have been diagnosed with the disease so far, and the total number of asymptomatic infected people is 603.” In previous Chinese media reports, the total number of outbreaks exceeded 3,000, but now this number has suddenly decreased.

However, on September 7, a news report about the epidemic situation in Urumqi stated that 6 areas in Urumqi were designated as “newly increased risk areas”. One community in the Tiryatag District, the New Development Zone, the Bulagtag District (Shuimogo District) and the Bayotagh District (Midong District) has been designated as a “high risk area”; Two communities in the Blue Mountains have been identified as “moderate risk areas”.

According to news reports, the “dangerous areas” considered to be a serious epidemic will be strictly closed, and residents will be strictly prohibited from entering and exiting residential areas. As has happened in China, Uyghurs living in such “danger zones” are expected to have a more difficult life, suffering from starvation and persecution.

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