A seminar was held on heinous crimes against Uyghurs and laws and policies to prevent them

On September 12, Hunter University Institute of Public Policy, Roosevelt Hall Human Rights Foundation and Human Rights Watch jointly held a seminar on “Heinous Crimes Against Uyghurs: Laws and Policies”.

The seminar, which lasted for 4 and a half hours, was a large-scale and wide-ranging seminar held after the United Nations released its human rights report on the Uyghur region. Experts and political activists who attended the meeting asked questions such as: “What is happening in East Turkistan (Xinjiang)?”, “Why do genocide crimes occur?”, “What should we do?” conducted a discussion on three topics.

Mr. Nuri Turkel, chairman of the US International Commission on Religious Freedom and a senior researcher at the Hudson Institute, gave an opening speech at the conference, pointing out the heinous crimes China has been carrying out in the Uyghur region for 5 years, and emphasized that it is “a serious crime of genocide”. He said that millions of Uyghurs are victims of this heinous crime, and the recent starvation deaths are a continuation of this genocide, citing the sufferings he and his family have experienced. He noted that the US government, including the US Religious Freedom Commission, has been working to protect the rights of Uyghurs, but China still needs to do a lot of work to stop this heinous crime.

“What is going on in the Uighur region?” In the discussion section, the head of the Uyghur Movement Organization, Ms. Abbas Abbas, said that Uyghur women became the main target of attacks in the genocide committed in the Uyghur region: “The Chinese Communist Party has made Uyghur women the main targets of attacks on the Uyghur people in its genocidal policy. Because women give birth and raise children and pass on their culture to the next generation.”

Clearly, Ms. Abbas spoke of the tragedies that have befallen Uyghur women who have been unjustly captured by mentioning that it has been 4 years since the capture of Hadeeth Gulshan Abbas, who was retaliated against by the Chinese government.

He also emphasized that the genocide continues in the form of “starving and killing Uyghurs” under the pretext of “reducing the burden to zero”. The Chinese government is once again carrying out its extreme policy of “reducing the virus to zero,” with the goal of exterminating the Uyghurs and other ethnic groups.

In his speech at the conference, Adrian Zeniz, researcher of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, mentioned that the Uyghurs are currently suffering from the crisis of starvation and untreated death, and pointed to this as an example of how to understand the situation of an evil police state like China.

Adrian Zenz insists that China’s 40-year-old family planning policy and attempts to sterilize Uyghur women since 2016 are genocide, a long-term, planned genocide by China.

He gave an example of how the Chinese government is changing the population structure of southern Xinjiang through Bingtuan: “The vice secretary of Bingtuan said in 2020, after the big abduction campaign, ‘the population structure of southern Xinjiang is uneven, and the population ratio is not good for the long-term peace and stability of the place. base. The Chinese population in southern Xinjiang is less than 15 percent. Such inequality in the population rate is the main problem in southern Xinjiang.” According to the Xinjiang documents we have, Chinese leaders such as Xi Jinping and Li Lixiang mentioned the issue of population security and population structure in 2014, and they said the same thing in early 2020. “Religious repression in southern Xinjiang and the transfer of labor to the interior failed to change the population structure, so China resorted to forced birth control.”

Speaking about the role and mission of the United Nations, Adrian Zenz said: “We are seeing a multi-layered, systematic attack by the Chinese government on the Uyghurs; The goal is to destroy alien species. Birth control, forced labor, and the separation of parents and children are not only in line with the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Suppression of Genocide, but also fall within the framework of the UN’s prohibition of violence. It is surprising that the international community has not yet been able to stop the genocide.

In this seminar, he was told that “the United States recognized the Chinese crime as genocide and took action. But since Europe experienced the genocide carried out by Nazi Germany in the last century, why does China not recognize the crime of genocide today? “Defining genocide is a somewhat complicated process,” he replied. It is largely regulated by the laws of countries that have signed the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide. The European Union could make such a decision, but some of its member countries have not signed the above convention. America recognized the genocide, and I think the main reason why Europe doesn’t is because they are conservative. Germany, in particular, made a big mistake in this regard. In Germany, the word ‘genocide’ is the same as the word ‘Holocaust’, so they may never make such a decision. It certainly violates the right to prohibit this crime under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

The political activist who took part in the trial, Jabhar Insham, spoke about the heinous crimes taking place in the Uyghur region, and the sufferings he has experienced since his father was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Chinese government 8 years ago, and that he still does not know about his father’s condition, whether he is dead or alive. He reminded that he did not know that millions of Uighurs are suffering in prisons and camps.

Commenting on the report released by the United Nations, he said: “Many organizations, including the one I work for, consider what is happening in our country to be basically a genocide. “I am happy with the report published by the UN, because this report recognizes the seriousness of the human rights situation in the Uyghur region, and urges the UN member states, government agencies and human rights organizations, as well as the international community, to take an urgent look at it.”

The activist Rizwangul Nurmuhammed, who participated in the interview, said that Maulan Nurmuhammed’s brother was detained in 2017, and that the Chinese government kidnapped many such young people under the pretext of being “poisoned by religious extremism”. Today, 21 years after the “9/11 incident”, China still uses terrorism as an excuse, and Uighurs He stated that he was attacking his Muslims. The main inspiration was that China targeted the Uighurs not only because they were Muslims, but because they were Uighurs.

The theme of the conference is “Why Genocide Crimes Happen?” Political observer Ilshat Hasan, Zubeira Shamsin from Uyghur Human Rights Foundation, and Teng Biao, human rights lawyer, expressed their opinions in the section. Mr. Teng Biao said that the source of this crime committed by the Chinese government should be found in the corrupt history of the Chinese Communist Party. In his opinion, the reclamation camp in the Uyghur region is actually a modern version of China’s former labor camp; The Chinese Communist Party has severely suppressed the believers not only today, but also during the Cultural Revolution. The Chinese Communist Party has already abolished justice and the law or used it as a tool for its own use.

“What shall we do?” In the third part, Sophia Richardson from Human Rights Watch, Elizabeth M. Lynch, a New York lawyer, an expert on Chinese law and politics, Ekram Keram from the American Foundation for Democracy, and Emilia Pang, a journalist of Uyghur origin, participated, and China must stop this heinous crime. He presented his views on how governments should set policies, how human rights organizations should operate, and how to help Uyghur asylum seekers abroad. Ekram Keram said that the Chinese government will intensify its counter-propaganda, and that it has held 38 press conferences about the Uyghur region in the past few years. It is important to start a real information revolution against this, constantly expose Chinese crimes, and form the mainstream in the international media and social media.

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