After Yining, the Chinese government also put Turpan under strict siege – Uighurs

The Chinese government, which has been under strict siege of Yining city for 50 days under the pretext of a new type of Tajsman virus epidemic, has strengthened the siege in Turpan city, especially in Turpan’s Karagoja district, where Uyghurs are concentrated. According to Chinese media reports, since 11:00 p.m. on September 15, the Chinese health department has added 4 more places in the Karagoja region to the list of high-risk epidemic areas. As a result, the number of places with high epidemic risk in Karagoja region has increased to 11.

According to the information provided by “Xinjiang News” website, the Chinese Health Department announced on September 15 that two settlements under the Karagoja District, Karagoja District, Vinjie Market and Karagoja Road District, New Community Village, Chichan Village Group 2, Yar Town, Bagri Social Area of ​​Vinjie Market At the same time as 7 places continue to be at high risk of epidemic situation, two places under the old city road district have been upgraded from medium-level risk area to high-level risk area. Also, a community in the New City Social Area of ​​the Old Town Road District and two blocks on Karagoja Road have been identified as new high-level risk areas. The Chinese government’s quarantine measures in Gulja since August 1 have caused Uyghurs to starve to death, causing citizens to protest against the quarantine measures.

Currently, the evidence that the quarantine measures implemented in Turpan caused the death of citizens has not yet been revealed, but the videos from the region, but not yet verified by our radio station, show the destruction of vineyards and other agricultural products of Uyghur farmers, and the helpless farmers are searching. According to “Xinjiang News” website, the authorities have declared 4 places in Turpan’s Karagoja district as medium-level danger zones, and all other places as low-level danger zones.

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