Anthony Blinkin emphasized the importance of freedom of the press at the Round Table

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin held a roundtable discussion with freedom activists and journalists at the United Nations building in New York on September 19.

Anthony Blinkin posted a message on his Twitter account saying: “Society thrives when freedom of speech is respected. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear the views of journalists and social activists today at the Foreign Press Center, as well as for the important work they have done to protect democracy and human rights.

Speaking at the interview, Anthony Blinkin said: “It is very appropriate to hold such an interview at the ‘Foreign Press Center’.” “The United States remains committed to protecting freedom of speech and the freedom of the press because it is the foundation of a healthy democracy.”

Gulchehra Khoja, who participated in the meeting from the Uyghur Department of Free Asia, asked the US government to act to protect Uyghur journalists and their family members in the motherland. Anthony Blinkin also said that he would ask Uyghur journalists and try to improve their family situation.

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