At a meeting held in Vienna, the leader of China called on the Pope to recognize the Uyghur genocide.

The president of the World Uyghur Congress, Mr. Isa, asked Pope Francis to recognize the Uyghur genocide at a conference on Uyghurs called by Austrian parliamentarian Gudrun Kogler in Vienna on Thursday, September 22. Gudrun Kogler said earlier this week that she will call a meeting about the Uyghurs on September 22, and Sairagul Southbay, an eyewitness to the Kazakh camp, will speak at the meeting. According to Austrian media reports, the meeting held on Thursday was also attended by Mrs. Eva Ernst Jejitis, a member of parliament from the Austrian Green Party.

At the meeting, Tsang Jesus said that not only governments should take action to stop the genocide of Chinese Uighurs, but religious leaders should also take action, especially Pope Francis. According to the “Austrian Christian News Agency”, Jesus said: “The Pope is a very important voice on the issue of religious freedom. “We demand that he recognize the punishment against our people as genocide and call on China to end it.”

At the meeting, Sairagul Southbay, an eyewitness to the camp, gave a report on the atrocities he witnessed in the camp. “Austrian Christian Press Agency” reports that the member of parliament, Gudrun Kogler, who accused China’s act of genocide at the meeting, said, “The evidence is sufficient, we should not allow ourselves to be blinded.”

It turns out that on the same day as this meeting, the Austrian Uyghur Society held an event in Vienna’s Stephens Plaza, and exhibited pictures of Uyghur captives from the “Old City Documents” of China and Kashmir.

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