Camp witnesses in Europe had mixed reactions to the UN report

As it turns out, after Michelle Bachelet finally released the report on Uyghurs on August 31, news about the contents of the report became a hot topic in the media. The German press, in particular, has been devoting wide pages to news about this until now.

ARD, the German national radio and television channel, published the news “UN Reveals Serious Human Rights Violations Against Uyghurs in Xinjiang”, “Berlin Urges China to Immediately Release Uyghurs” published by N-TV Harwarler, “Glasses” Magazine “UN Reveals Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang”, “The Federal Government Calls for the Immediate Release of All Those Arbitrarily Arrested”, and “The UN Reveals Evidence of Serious Abuses of Chinese Uyghurs” published by “Swema” newspaper. The Uyghur’s comprehensive statement of the current situation made a strong impact.

As stated in the article entitled “Credible Allegations of Torture in Xinjiang” published by the “Frankfurt Mass” newspaper, the UN report has “declared with the seal of the UN” that the oppression of Chinese people against the Uyghurs constitutes a “crime against humanity”. “No one can ignore this” and “ministers cooperating with China and companies doing business with China cannot escape from these accusations.”

An article titled “Crimes against humanity in Xinjiang” published by “Süddeutsche Zeitung” describes that the UN report has “backed China into a corner of the wall” and China can no longer “say everything is fine in Xinjiang”. According to the report “Serious accusations against China” published by “Zaman” newspaper, the UN report revealed to the international community the evidence of severe repression in the Uyghur region between 2017 and 2019, and neither China nor other countries Regardless of the facts, China will suffer enough from these UN-stamped accusations.

The publication of the UN report on the Uyghurs also drew strong attention from European camp witnesses. They protested in front of the famous building for a week, demanding that Michelle Bachelet release her report on Uyghurs at the end of April, a month before the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet begins her six-day visit to China on May 23. had spent

Oranur Siddique, a camp witness who lives in the Netherlands, said today that although the report did not specifically mention the “Uyghur genocide”, he was happy that the ongoing Chinese oppression in East Turkistan was comprehensively described in the report.

Omar Bekeli, a witness of the camp in the Netherlands, said that until an independent investigation team goes to East Turkistan and conducts an actual investigation in the camps to confirm the crimes committed by the Chinese, the report will not be effective in solving the Uyghur problem.

Gulbahar Khativaji, a witness of the camp who lives in France, said that the report sheds light on the oppression of the Uyghurs, and expressed his excitement that their testimonies over the years have not been invalidated. Gulbahar Jelilova, an eyewitness to the camp in France, also expressed these particular views.

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