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Last week, United Nations Human Rights Council High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet released a report on the Uyghurs before she left office on August 31, angering the Chinese government. However, the governments of some countries such as the United States, human rights organizations, Uyghur organizations abroad and the Uyghur community expressed that they welcome the release of this report.

Although information has been circulating about this report since 2019, it has been criticized for not releasing the report, which was prepared a year ago. In addition, camp witnesses who testified in the preparation of the report protested for a week in front of the UN building at the end of April this year, demanding that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet release the report before her visit to China in May this year.

زۇمرەت داۋۇت خانىم ئامېرىكا تاشقى ئىشلار مىنىستىرلىقى ئورۇنلاشتۇرغان «شىنجاڭدىكى كىشىلىك ھوقۇق كرىزىسى» تېمىسىدىكى يىغىندا شاھىتلىق بەرمەكتە. 2019-يىلى 24-سېنتەبىر. نيو-يورك، ئامېرىكا.
Ms. Zumrat David is witnessing a conference on “Human Rights Crisis in Xinjiang” organized by the US Department of State. September 24, 2019. New York, USA.
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For the preparation of this report, among the camp witnesses who testified at the Uyghur court held in London, Ms. Zumrat Davut from the United States, Mr. Omarbek Ali from the Netherlands, and Ms. Oranur Sidiq shared their views with our radio station.

Ms. Zumrat Davut, a witness of the camp in the United States, said that although she was happy with the publication of the report, she was saddened that the report did not mention the “genocide” faced by the Uyghurs.

Ms. Zumrat also said that although Michelle Bachelet’s release of the report was delayed, she was happy that the international pressure on her finally led to her release of the report.

During the conversation, Ms. Zumrat also expressed her views on the contents of the report.

Omerbek Ali, one of the camp witnesses in the Netherlands, expressed regret that the report was published very late.

Mr. Omarbek Ali also criticized that the contents of the report are still incomplete.

In this 48-page report, the words “Uyghurs are suffering from genocide” which have been adopted by some democratic countries led by the United States, are not mentioned. However, the report criticized “the Chinese government’s arbitrary arrest and torture of Uighurs and other Muslims, forced sterilization of women, and separation of children from their families” and concluded that these actions of China “may be crimes against humanity.”

Ms. Orinur, one of the eyewitnesses of the camps in the Netherlands, believes that although there are some shortcomings in the report, it is important to make a decision that the oppression of Chinese people against the Uyghurs may be an international crime, especially a crime against humanity.

Ms. Oritanur also mentioned that the camp’s witnesses held a week-long protest in front of the UN building in Geneva in late April this year to urge Michelle Bachelet to release the report before her visit to China in May.

At the end of our interview, Ms. Oritanur also said that this report is a great progress for Michelle Bachelet, who has always expressed a soft attitude towards the suppression of Chinese Uyghurs, and even turned a blind eye. He believes that, although Michelle Bachelet will be removed from office, her report is a slap in the face of China, and this report is important for more countries to condemn and stop the genocide of Chinese Uighurs.

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