“China could not break the pride and national spirit of Uyghurs by starving them” – Uyghur

It has been more than 40 days since the Chinese government put a complete siege on Yining under the pretext of “reducing the infection to zero”, leaving the local residents homeless and without help. Despite China’s strict censorship of information, Uyghurs are making efforts to make their voices heard by using social media as much as possible in China. Especially recently, the short video footage of the hungry Uyghurs in Yining, which appeared on social media such as Tik-Tok, means that the Chinese government’s strict siege is, as Uyghur activists say, a “starvation massacre”.

In recent days, there are more and more videos showing young and old Uyghurs in the Uyghur region trying to help the people of Yining in whatever way they can. The sight of a Turpan grandmother sitting on the roadside wondering how to take a bag of these to those who are suffering from hunger is truly touching. The sight of another single grandmother begging to give 50 soms of the remaining 100 soms to the cadre girl of the community committee and give it to the needy is so touching. The call of a businessman from Kashgar, who called everything in his hand to save the people of Yining and called others to raise their voice, covered the social media. . . In addition, there is a video of three young men who organized a special charity group and are ready to take the collected aid items to Yining with the permission of the government.

Since the issue of hunger in Yining came to the fore, there have been various reactions on the social media used by Uyghurs abroad. They include the fact that the Chinese government cut off the communication between the Uyghur region and foreign countries and did not allow any charity aid to reach the starving Uyghurs under siege, and that the Uyghur people abroad are unable to offer a helping hand to their brothers and sisters who are struggling in their homeland. Expressed.

The scenes of Uyghur people rushing to save their brothers and sisters who are suffering from hunger despite all kinds of obstacles, and not only wealthy benefactors, but also those who are barely making ends meet, are giving what they have.

These moving videos, which are widely shared on social media, show the great human qualities of the Uyghur community, who are ready to give everything they have when someone is in trouble. These scenes, in turn, show that the humanitarian national morality of the Uyghur people will continue unchanged even in the most difficult times, and that nothing can destroy their love and hope for life.

Dr. Ablat Samet, a Turkologist from Germany, who gave his reaction to our radio about these videos, said that these videos express the great conscience and national spirit of the Uyghur people who never forget the sufferings of their people and their brothers even in the most difficult times.

As a result of China’s strict siege of “reducing the infection to zero”, the people of Yining were in serious trouble. However, it is known that the Uyghurs who organized themselves and sent so many aid items to Yining were not delivered to the Uyghurs who are in need of bread.

At present, the severe siege is not only in Yining, but also in Urumqi, Turpan, Korla, Kashgar and other places. It is a curse that the Uyghurs in other places may suffer the same fate as the people of Yining.

Videos of the Chinese authorities handing out more food than they need to the Chinese in areas with severe epidemics, the Uyghurs not being able to enjoy such supplies, and even being deliberately starved, and even preventing the people from helping each other on their own, are being revealed one after another.

In a video released on September 11, a Uyghur man from Urumqi was stopped by a Chinese cadre of a community committee with heavy verbal abuse when he tried to deliver 2,000 loaves of bread and frozen food to a struggling Medical University family compound.

The people of Yining, who have not lost their vigilance even in the most difficult days, are complaining about the lack of help and the cruelty of the relevant authorities through social media. Recently, the possibility of them facing severe persecution with accusations such as “distributing swindles during the epidemic and creating a bad effect on the society” and “disrupting the social order” is causing concern among the Uyghur community abroad.

Mr. Ilshat Hasan, a political analyst in the United States, noted that China is currently carrying out inhumane crimes such as “starvation” which is a new form of genocide against Uyghurs.

Mr. Ilshat Hasan also emphasized that today, when aid is coming from all over the world to the war-torn and famine-stricken regions of the world, another type of genocide, such as dying of starvation, is being inflicted on the Uyghurs. He mentioned that if it is necessary to talk about the most reasonable and lowest level of human rights, the Uyghurs are the most deserving of such rights.

Mrs. Alfidar Iltabir, President of the Uyghur Association of America, said, “What can we do?” stressed that the question should be seriously considered. He pointed out that in order to save the Uyghur people from starvation and genocide, Uyghur people in the free world should not be limited to protest activities, but should pay special attention to practical things such as testifying to governments, newspapers and the press, and revealing evidence of the Chinese genocide.

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