Chinese authorities have punished 6 people who spread information about the epidemic situation in Yining online

The Chinese authorities have punished 6 people who spread information about the epidemic situation of a new type of corona virus in Yining, which has been under siege for more than 40 days. It turns out that all of these people who were accused of “spreading hateful words, inciting opposition, and creating bad social influence” on the Internet were punished for violating China’s “Safety Management Penal Law” and sentenced to 5 to 10 days of civil service detention. Given.

Uygur Autonomous Region Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture government held a press conference on September 12, the prefecture’s deputy secretary-general Zeng Junfeng confirmed that the six people were punished. He said that one of those who were punished spread “the news of an old man starving to death” in the siege of Gulji. But the report did not give the full name of the person. At the meeting, Zeng Junfeng said that the man, whose name was written in Chinese and said he was not Chinese, had “created a bad impression” by “publishing the news without any verification”.

Although the government of Ili Prefecture denied that people died of starvation in the siege of Yining, our radio confirmed that at least 14 people died of starvation and lack of medicine.

It turns out that 3 of the other 5 people who were punished were from Yining City and 2 from Korgas County. 3 of them were accused of “publishing the message without verification”, one of them was inciting the public to protest, and the other was of inciting the people to gather from the building. China’s quarantine measure called “stabilization management” implemented in Yining city under the pretext of epidemic has aroused strong dissatisfaction of Uyghur residents. In the village of Karadung, the Uyghurs broke the siege and stormed and kidnapped more than 600 people.

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