Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – Uighur

Chinese President Xi Jinping will soon visit Central Asia, where China will engage in diplomatic activities related to its interests in the region.

According to the news published by the “Diplomat” network, Xi Jinping, who has not visited a foreign country since the beginning of the 2020 Covid epidemic, will visit Kazakhstan on September 14; Then he will go to Samarkand, Uzbekistan to attend the annual meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In this meeting, Xi Jinping will meet with Russian President Putin and discuss important issues related to geo-political interests.

The report shows that Russia, which attacked Ukraine, and China, which is committing crimes against Uyghurs, are the two major countries being accused by the international community today. The leaders of these two countries may agree to consolidate their strategic position against the West and strengthen the “axis of evil” in this meeting.

According to the report, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been rumored to attend the “20 Heads of State Meeting” in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, but he chose to travel only to a neighboring country at an important time when the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China is approaching in October this year. He did not intend to travel far. On the other hand, he wanted to improve his domestic and international status by participating in such international meetings.

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