“Extreme quarantine measures in China’s Uyghur country are unreasonable” – Uyghur

The extreme quarantine measures in China’s Uyghur country and the resulting hunger crisis are causing great concern to the Uyghur community abroad.

According to CNN, since the end of August this year, more than 70 cities have been completely or partially closed due to the epidemic in China, and a total of more than 300 million people have been affected by the quarantine measures. The Chinese government has divided the regions into levels based on the number of epidemics. In high-risk areas, people are strictly prohibited from leaving their homes, and in medium-risk areas, people are prohibited from going outside.

China’s epidemic containment measures in the Uyghur region, especially in Yining City, are extreme, and the famine and lack of timely medical treatment in Yining has recently attracted the attention of the international community.

Mr. Rune Steenberg, a Danish anthropologist and researcher of Uyghur culture, who received our interview, said that the Chinese government’s attitude towards Uyghurs and Chinese during the siege was completely different.

He said: “The severe quarantine measures in Uyghur and the tragedy of people dying of hunger are clear manifestations of China’s discriminatory policy against Uyghurs.”

According to international media analysis, China currently produces close to seven types of vaccines. These vaccines are widely used in the country and even exported to foreign countries. However, Chinese-produced vaccines have been largely ineffective in inducing immunity against the delta and omicron variants of the Covid-19 virus. As a result, imports of Chinese vaccines by other countries have decreased by 97 percent compared to the same period last year.

The Chinese government has so far not allowed Western-made vaccines to be used in the country. Experts believe that the Chinese government’s ban on the use of vaccines produced in the West may be an indication that they do not want to admit that they are technologically behind the West.

Mr. Mamat Imin, an expert at the Columbia University Medical Research Institute, said that the extreme quarantine measures that China continues to impose today, three years after the virus spread, are unreasonable and completely contrary to the accumulated experience and scientific data about the virus.

A study published in the May issue of the journal “Natural Medicine” said that if the quarantine is not implemented, the number of infected people in China will reach 112 million, and even one and a half million people may die. This is the collapse of China’s health system, and experts say that this situation is a big threat to China’s existing authoritarian system.

Situation analyst based in Turkey, the author of the book “China and its National Security Policies, Global Competitive Strategies”, Mamat Ataullah accepted our special interview about this. He elaborated on the relationship between China’s quarantine measures and stability and security policies.

Medical expert Mr. Mamet Imin said that the Chinese government’s confidence in its own vaccine is extremely low.

He also suggested that China may be using the plague as an excuse for political stability, or that it may be rehearsing for a possible future biological conflict.

Currently, due to China’s extreme quarantine measures, Uyghur families are suffering from hunger and disease, and even dying.

Mr. Balshiyar Umar, the head of “Uyghur Judicial Archive” in Norway, accepted our interview and said that the Uyghur complaints and cries spread on social media actually reveal only a small part of the real situation, and the real situation may be worse. He also talked about the relationship between protest videos on social media and China’s cyber security system and stability policy.

During our visit, Rune Stenberg spoke about the importance of drawing the attention of international media and experts to the extreme quarantine measures in Uyghur and about the professional methods.

Observers insist that China’s extreme quarantine measures against Uyghurs will exacerbate its genocidal policy against Uyghurs.

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