Famine in Yining, “Holiday” in Aksu – Uyghur

In these days when the Chinese government insists on its absurd and absurd policy of “reducing the infection to zero” in the Uyghur region, and severely besieges Urumqi, Yining and Korla, and tortures the local people in poverty and hunger, the celebration of the Watermelon in Aksu was “rich and colorful”.

According to the report given in “Aqsu Media Network”, a watermelon tea conversation and a match play were held in the Karatal market of Aksu city. On September 10, the Provincial Culture Museum held a learning activity on the theme of “making a cultural monument out of abundance, enjoying the joy of the harvest and focusing on the watermelon.” The Onsu County Tax Office has delivered snacks, fruits, and mineral water to the front-line workers in response to the epidemic.

Watermelon Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. Despite the tense situation in the epidemic-prone areas, the Chinese authorities have continued to promote the so-called “Chinese culture” and assimilate it into the public. Despite the campaign theme of “warmth was brought to the big festival, culture was introduced to every family” in the news, the local government is trying to instill Chinese culture in every Uyghur family with money, material goods or by abusing Uyghur dishes.

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