Farmer Maulan Sidiq died due to lack of medicine and food during the siege in Yining

After it became widespread on social media that the residents of Yining were facing starvation due to the siege, our reporter called Yining to find out about it. As a result, it was confirmed that Maulan Sidiq, a 62-year-old farmer in Karayagach village of Yining County, died due to the lack of food and the medicine he was taking on time. One of the officials mentioned that at least 12 people died of starvation and disease in the county

According to reactions on social media, families with severe financial difficulties and residents with health problems are facing life-threatening threats during the siege. During our phone interviews with Yining, some village officials did not hide the existence of poor families, but they insisted that they did not face any difficulties during the siege.

One of the elderly people who answered our call, while noting that their medicine was being delivered on time, revealed that she and her husband were only given five loaves of bread for nutrition, and that too for three days. A security director in Karayagach village, Yining county, when we asked who the person who died of hunger in his life, he mentioned the name of 62-year-old Maulan Sidiq.

According to his statements, Maulan Siddique had serious health problems after the siege began. He was taken to the hospital and died without treatment.

According to one of the residents, Maulan Sidiq started suffering from malnutrition a week after the siege began and ran out of medicine. In response to our question whether the death of Mawlan Sidiq was caused by hunger or lack of medicine, the director of security said that the village officials had clear information about this, but he had no information about it.

Another village elder in the village, Maulan Siddiq, mentioned that he had pulmonary tuberculosis during his funeral. But the officer also could not tell whether disease or starvation was the cause of Maulan Siddiq’s death.

Finally, a political and legal official who answered our call mentioned that Maulan Siddiq died 10 days after the siege began, and that he had not been cared for in the last few days, and that the so-called “volunteers” around the community did not get along with him, even the village committee and government leaders. Maulan revealed that he learned of Siddique’s death too late.

The director of village security, Maulan Sidiq, had argued that the neglect of his relatives was the cause of his lack of care. But the political-legal officer mentioned that the reason for this was the irresponsibility of the staff at the grassroots level. He also revealed that as of August 20, at least 12 people died of hunger or disease in the county due to such irresponsibility, but he did not reveal the identities of these 12 people.

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