In Kerala, a 10-year-old priest who gave religious instruction to his son was beheaded for 6 years

In previous years, Chinese authorities have labeled education in underground religious schools and/or by so-called “illegal religious leaders” as “illegal religious education” and have punished large numbers of people. It was revealed that in the past five years since the camps were established, receiving religious instruction from parents or grandparents was also considered a “crime” and a large number of people were thrown into prisons for this reason. The case of father and son Mamat Musa and Osman Mamat, who were sentenced to 10 years and 6 years respectively in Keraya County, is an example of this tragedy.

Religious education from parents or grandparents is also mentioned many times as an important reason for the capture of abductees in the police files of the “Xinjiang Police Files” revealed this year. It has been revealed that this is not the only situation in New York, but also happened in other parts of the Uyghur region in the big kidnapping after 2017. According to a radio message from an expatriate from Kerala, Mamet Musa, a 50-year-old cleric from Langarsai Village, Langar, Kenya, and his 20-year-old son Osman Mamat, were both beheaded due to the religious teachings he gave to him as a child.

We called the relevant authorities in Kerala County to clarify the situation. Officials declined to answer our questions.

It was noted in the response that the cleric Mamet Musa is a cautious person in the public, and he has refused to perform marriage studies without seeing the government’s marriage certificate. They just don’t go beyond the lines drawn by the authorities in their propaganda. When he was asked to learn the Qur’an from far and near, he gave the excuse that his teaching method was weak, and the boy avoided teaching. But his son, Osman, taught Mamet the Qur’an and taught him the basic teachings of religion. He did this education not as a religious person, but with the intention of fulfilling his fatherly duty.

In 2017, the case of cleric Mamet Musa was classified as “illegal religious activity”, and both father and son were kidnapped and beheaded in 2018.

We also called the Langar village police station in Kerala county. Police officials also declined to comment on the condition of the parents.

According to the response of the Kerala expatriate, Osman Mamet’s recitation at several death scenes in the community caused him to be called to the police station during his 2017 kidnapping. During the interrogation, he said that he had learned to recite letters from his father as a child. He tried to defend himself when he said this, saying that the government had not learned from concerned people, but that itself was dismissed as “illegal”.

According to the response, the residence of the father and child is Langarsai Village, Langar Town, Keria, and we called the village police to inquire about this. The concerned official confirmed the accuracy of the information in the response by stating that one of the religious leaders arrested from the village was a man named Mamet Musa and that he was beheaded along with his son Osman Mamet.

It has been confirmed that the cleric Mamat Musa, 10 years old, and his son Osman Mamat, 6 years old, were beheaded.

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