In the Uyghur region, 25 people have been infected without symptoms, and the “danger zone” has been added in Urumqi

According to the latest data from the Chinese Health and Healthcare Commission, as of September 14, there were 25 asymptomatic cases in the Uyghur region, including 6 in Urumqi, 11 in Yining, 2 in Turpan, and 6 in Korla. 5 people have been discharged from the hospital, 48 people have been released from isolation, including one infected person from outside. So far, 425 people with asymptomatic infection have been reported throughout the Uyghur region.

“Urumchi Evening Newspaper” published on September 13th revealed that starting from September 13th, 8 new “high risk areas” and 3 “moderate risk areas” will be added in Urumqi. Among them, 6 communities from Tiryatag District and 2 communities from Bulagtag (Shuimogo) District have been designated as “high risk areas”. 3 communities from the Diyarbakir area have been identified as “moderate risk areas”. There are a number of residential areas around Dungkovruk, Liyan Road, Bhilish Road, Yan’an Road, and Youth Road, where there are many Uyghurs in the region.

According to the information published on social media, the Uyghurs in Urumqi have not been able to leave their homes for 40 days, and their work and business activities have been hindered, and the psychological stress is increasing day by day. The Uyghurs trapped in this newly added “dangerous area” are always at risk of facing the same famine as the residents of Yining in the future.

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