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The last leader of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, carried out a series of reform measures of “reconstruction” and “openness”, although he failed to save the Soviet Union, but he ended the “Cold War” and freed Eastern European countries from communist dictatorship. He was the person who pushed the path of democratization.

James Baker, who was the US Secretary of State from 1989 to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, published an article in the New York Times on September 6, praising Gorbachev’s historic contribution. He asked, “Why is Gorbachev important?” In this article, he wrote: “Mr. Gorbachev was a promoter of international cooperation, and the US government also realized this and cooperated with him. Because we thought that if we got along with the Soviet Union and then Russia and established a new international order after the Cold War, democratic countries would flourish in this international environment. But now Vladimir Putin has attacked Ukraine, so we are far from saying goodbye.”

سابىق سوۋېت ئىتتىپاقىنىڭ ئاخىرقى رەھبىرى مېخائېل گورباچېۋ(Mikhail Gorbachev) نىڭ دەپنە مۇراسىمىدىن كۆرۈنۈش. 2022-يىلى 3-سېنتەبىر، موسكۋا.
A scene from the funeral of Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the former Soviet Union. September 3, 2022, Moscow.

This article shows that with the breakup of authoritarian empires like the Soviet Union, the flow of freedom and democracy has spread throughout the world. In 1987, the people of 75 countries lived under authoritarian regimes, but by 2017, there are only 15 countries in the world that continue to maintain authoritarian regimes. But in the recent world situation, authoritarianism has risen again, and the flow of democracy and freedom has declined. Gorbachev’s dream of a democratic, prosperous, and harmonious Russia with its neighbors is now shattered. Under the leadership of Putin, Russia followed an authoritarian path and became hostile to the West, creating a new “Cold War”; Russia threatens not only Ukraine, but the whole of Europe.

In an article titled “The Controversies Left by the Last Soviet Leader Gorbachev to Today’s Russia,” published in Wall Street Journal, Vladimir Putin, who became Russia’s president at the end of 1999, called the collapse of the Soviet Union the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century. called

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, expressed his condolences to Gorbachev and criticized him: “Gorbachev believed that he could end the Cold War and become an ambassador of romantic relations between the new Soviet Union and the Western world.” But this romanticism was irrational romanticism, and the romantic period never existed. It did not flow sweetly, but our enemies showed their savagery. It is good that we know this in time.

Anders Kor, a political analyst in the United States, said in his response to our radio station that the dictators do not like Gorbachev. Because Gorbachev knew freedom, human rights and democracy better than Soviet imperialism. “Yes, the Soviet Union broke up, but it brought more freedom to ex-Soviet citizens and even Russian-speaking peoples.”

The second authoritarian country that doesn’t like Gorbachev is China, according to CNN’s “Why Gorbachev’s Ghost Has Haunted the Chinese Communist Party?” According to the article, Chinese President Xi Jinping, speaking at a party cadre meeting a few months after coming to power, raised the issue of why the former Soviet ally and the ruling party collapsed, saying: “In the domestic political struggle, their ideas were confused, and the Soviet Union , denied the Soviet Communist Party, Lenin and Stalin. Party cells no longer have a role, and even the army is disobedient to the party leadership. Thus, a great party like the Communist Party of the Soviet Union is broken.” He blamed all this on Gorbachev, who, despite his worship of democracy and reform, failed to protect the existing system of the Soviet Union, and emphasized that the Chinese Communist Party would never follow this path, but should strengthen its absolute rule.

Dr. Free Ekram, a strategy expert, said: “Xi Jinping said 10 years ago: “Not a single man came out of the Soviet Union, and we will not follow that path.”

When Gorbachev visited China in May 1989, students protesting in Tiananmen Square greeted him as an “ambassador of democracy.” Gorbachev stated his views on socialism in Beijing: “We are at a turning point in the development of socialism” and noted that other socialist countries have given people freedom of speech and democratic rights. But the Chinese press did not publish his words. A few weeks later, China’s leaders reversed Gorbachev and used military force to massacre thousands of unarmed students.

Dr. Lee Ekram said that China originally learned from the Soviet Union and developed itself with relative capitalism, but today, after gaining strength, it has returned to socialism and started to follow the path of the authoritarian Soviet empire.

American political analyst Gordon Chang said that China is in a bad state today and will be destroyed like the Soviet Union in the future. We must not forget that in China’s history, a leader who is considered to be “unrelenting” emerges at an unusual time to take control of the country. Now this could happen at any time. This is especially true in this period when China is increasingly divided, the economy is sinking, the debt crisis is getting worse, there are food shortages, the environment is deteriorating, and diseases are spreading. At least one out of 1.4 billion people thinks they deserve it and can do better. The People’s Republic of China is collapsing, and like the former Soviet Union, it will one day disintegrate; This rotten Chinese communist state can no longer exist.”

According to historical records, there was a saying in China that came under the wing of the Soviet Union at that time: “Soviet’s today is our tomorrow.” Will the disastrous past of the Soviet Union become the future of China? Or is the situation in China different from the situation in the Soviet Union? Dr. Free Ekram expressed his opinion on this matter and said that the situation of the two countries is different, so it is difficult to make a judgment.

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