Joe Biden addresses the Uyghur issue at the UN Congress – Uyghur

US President Joe Biden, who attended the ongoing 2022 Congress at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York, criticized the Chinese government and once again made special mention of the Uighur issue.

According to the news of “Washington Post” on September 21, President Joe Biden gave a special speech to Congress on September 21. In his speech, he talked about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Taiwan Strait situation, and criticized the Chinese government’s political, economic, and strategic threats. They also stated that they have always been following the “One China” policy, and that they are never trying to create conflict, but instead want to establish free, open and secure cooperation, but China has always been working in the opposite direction.

At the end of his speech, he said, “Human rights are the basis for achieving the goals we want to achieve. But what they are doing to the supporters of democracy and minorities in Xinjiang is described in great detail in the UN report.

It turns out that US-China relations are on the verge of collapse, and some political analysts such as American political analyst Gordon Chang have pointed out that this trend will worsen in the near future.

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