Joe Biden’s special assistant, Robert Bershinsky, is familiar with the Uyghur situation

Rushan Abbas, head of the Uyghur Movement Organization, and Abdulhakim Idrislar, director of the Uyghur Research Center, heard about the Uyghur genocide to US President Joe Biden’s special assistant Robert Bershinsky in Prague.

Ms. Rushan Abbas, the leader of the Uyghur Movement Organization in Washington, and Mr. Abdulhakim Idris, the director of the Uyghur Research Center, who are attending the “Munber-2000” conference in Prague, the Czech capital, today, August 31, the special assistant to US President Joe Biden, the US National Security Council for Democracy and Human Rights The service’s senior director, Robert Berszynski, held a round-table discussion to discuss the issues of genocide and crimes against humanity currently faced by Uyghurs.

Mr. Robert Bershinsky was the commander of the US Air Force during the former US President Obama’s tenure, and was responsible for the European, Russian and Asian affairs of the Human Rights, Democracy and Labor Office of the US State Assembly. He is currently serving as a special assistant to President Joe Biden in the White House.

On August 31, Robert Berszynski warmly welcomed Ms. Rushan Abbas and Mr. Abdulhakim Idris at the “American Hall” belonging to the US Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic. Christina Ago, assistant ambassador of the United States in the Czech Republic, Laura Hard, a representative of the Italian Liberal Party, and Samuel Chu, a Hong Kong political activist living in the United States, also participated in the conversation.

Mrs. Rushan Abbas, who received our interview from the Czech capital Prague, gave a brief report on the 26th “Munber-2000” conference convened in the Czech Republic before talking about the round table discussion held today with Robert Berszynski. In his speech, he emphasized that the main topic of today’s talks with US officials, led by Robert Bershinsky, is the ongoing Uyghur genocide and crimes against humanity in East Turkistan.

At the end of the conversation, Mr. Robert Bershinsky told Rushan Abbas and Abdulhakim Idris that he would like to continue this kind of conversation in Washington and that he would always be with the Uyghurs.

Laura Hart, an Italian political scientist who participated in the conversation, also interviewed us and said: “We heard from him yesterday that Michelle Bachelet’s speech today was at the beginning of our conversation with Robert Bershinski, the special assistant to US President Joe Biden and the senior director of the Democracy and Human Rights Service of the US National Security Council. In the evening, we were so happy to hear that the report about the Uyghurs prepared by the UN will be published. It was a welcome gift for all of us at the beginning of the conversation. We spoke extensively with Robert Bershinsky about China’s cross-border threats and its five-year genocide against Uyghurs. Our conversation focused on the practical issues that need to be resolved about the Uyghurs.

Mr. Abdulhakim Idris, director of the Uyghur Research Center, said that he felt that he was a person who cares about the Uyghur issue from the words of Robert Bershinsky, a special assistant to US President Joe Biden and a high-ranking official of the US National Security Council.

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