On August 31, another 38 new cases of the Tajik virus were found in Uyghur

While the Chinese authorities announced that the outbreak of the novel Tajik virus in the Uyghur population is on the decline, new cases continue to be detected. According to the Chinese Health Department, 5 official infected people with symptoms and 33 infected people without symptoms were found in the area until 12:00 on September 1. Officials say all of the infected are those who have changed from asymptomatic to symptomatic.

“China News” said that the Uighur Autonomous Region Health Commission announced on September 1 that all the infected people with symptoms were found in Urumqi, 15 of the asymptomatic infected people were still found in Yining City, and the rest were found in Urumqi, Shihu, Qutubi, Jimisar and Guchung counties. .

The epicenter of the outbreak in Uyghur was Yining city, and the government implemented strict quarantine measures in Gulji. Reports from the region suggest that quarantine measures have led to starvation deaths in some places, such as Kariyagach village in Gulji. This situation led to open protests among local residents against the quarantine measures.

It turns out that China has stepped up its campaign to justify its quarantine measures in response to such complaints and criticisms when the UN report on Uyghurs was released, saying that China may have committed crimes against humanity against Uyghurs. In the past day or two, videos of some Uighurs praising the quarantine measures have appeared on Chinese social media platforms. The Chinese health department in the region announced on September 1 that by 12:00 on August 31, the total number of symptomatic patients in the region had dropped to 42, and the total number of asymptomatic patients had dropped to 1,481.

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