On September 8, another group of infected with the new type of corona virus was found in Uyghur El

In the information released by the Uyghur Health Department on September 9, the new type of corona virus infections continue to be detected in Yining, Urimchi, and Korla cities of Uyghur Province. As of 12:00 on September 8, 3 infected people with symptoms and 27 infected people without symptoms have been detected. did It turns out that all the infected people with symptoms were found in Urumqi city, and the infected people without symptoms were found in Yining, Urumqi and Korla cities.

This information about the latest development of the epidemic situation in the Uighur country, the Chinese government has imposed a strict siege on Yining City in the name of “reducing the infection to zero” and has put the lives of the people in a serious situation. This has increased the anxiety and resentment of the Uighurs living abroad, and the clamor for the international intervention in the situation is growing. An advertisement was published at one time. Uyghur organizations believe that the Chinese government is using anti-epidemic measures as a tool to further suppress Uyghurs.

According to the Uyghur health department, 10 of the asymptomatic cases found on September 8 were from Urumqi, 11 from Yining, and the rest from Korla. According to the information of the health department, as of 12:00 on September 8, the total number of infected people with symptoms in the region has dropped to 15, and the total number of infected people without symptoms has dropped to 530. Since July 31, when a new type of corona virus epidemic broke out again in the Uyghur region, the Chinese authorities strictly followed Xi Jinping’s order to “reduce the infection to zero” and closed Yining completely.

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