“Our people are still suffering!” – Uighur

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s report on Uyghurs, released in the last minutes of her departure, gave some hope to Uyghur activists abroad.

“The Guardian” newspaper’s review article on September 5 said that at the time of the publication of this report, some camp witnesses, including Zumrat Davut, were protesting in Washington that the Uyghur issue was being forgotten. Zumrat said, “Now our country is like a house on fire. The fire is now spreading and is about to burn down the house and climb over the children. “Unfortunately, even though I cried so much, no one came to save us.”

The report describes mass abductions in the Uyghur region, camps called “educational centers”, attempts to destroy religious and ethnic identities, and acts of “genocide” such as reducing the birth rate through medical means, and alleges that the Chinese government is committing crimes against humanity. Although the report did not use the term “genocide,” the report said the world’s highest international body had found the Chinese government to be committing crimes against humanity to many hearts.

Zubeira Shamsin, one of the Uyghur activists in Washington, Uyghur Human Rights Organization, emphasized that this report is essentially a confirmation of what they have been telling the world for years, and that the world needs to take a practical step. In his speech about this; “This report is not strong enough to describe the oppression our people are facing. “We are no longer just making statements or ‘concerning’, but we are eager to see actual actions,” he said. Uyghur lawyer Rayhan Esat also has a special place among those who put forward this kind of opinion.

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