Since 2017, more than half a million people in Uyghur have been cut off for long-term

Human Rights Watch has revealed that more than half a million Uighurs have been beheaded and imprisoned by Chinese courts in recent years.

Human Rights Watch released a report on September 14 that said:

“According to the statistics of the Xinjiang High People’s Court, a total of 232,524 people were sentenced between 2017 and 2018. Since this figure was released in 2019, the Xinjiang High People’s Court has not released data on new official sentencings. However, in a report published by the Xinjiang High People’s Procuratorate in February 2022, it stated that a total of 540,826 people have been tried in the region since 2017. “Given that China’s conviction rate is above 99 percent, almost all of these 540,826 people have been convicted.”

In the short period since 2017, there have been more than half a million people who have been sentenced. Human rights experts say this means arbitrary arrests and unfair trials. Human Rights Watch researcher Maya Wang told our radio station that the vast majority of these people were beheaded without going to court.

“The evidence we have shows us that the vast majority of these people were not given a fair trial. As you know, some of the evidence obtained by the Xinjiang Victims Database revealed that during the crackdown, people were killed in political internment camps without being given a chance to go to court, let alone to have a lawyer and defend themselves. . Judging by the figures above, these people were not tried according to a fair and normal court procedure, and they were not given the right to defend themselves.

The report also noted that the vast majority of the above cut-off of more than half a million people, or 540,826 people, are still being held in prison.

“According to the Xinjiang High People’s Court’s official statistics from the beginning of the government’s crackdown on Xinjiang, the number of people sentenced to long-term prisons in the region has increased sharply. Before 2017, about 10.8% of those convicted were sentenced to more than five years in prison. After 2017, those sentenced to more than 5 years accounted for 87%. From this, the vast majority of people who were cut off may still be in prison.

It said the annual arrest and prosecution data released by the Xinjiang High People’s Procuratorate detailed the crackdown on Uighurs, with the region’s annual arrest and prosecution figures at 96% and 10% respectively when the crackdown began in 2014. 59 rose. These figures rose sharply in 2017 after the crackdown on Uighurs intensified. Since then, the figures for 2020 and 2021 have seen similar increases, but they are still high.

In her speech, Maya Wang said that the Chinese government may have tried to show the legitimacy of its actions by issuing court verdicts to so many people in the course of its repressive policies against the Uyghurs. “I think the Chinese government is trying to pretend they are following the law,” he said. The Chinese government’s judicial executions may be part of a move to legitimize its crackdown amid growing international condemnation. On the other hand, it may be a long-term plan of the Chinese government since the trial and execution of people only started in early 2017.

Maya Wang said in the report: “The Chinese government may have tried to cover up the large-scale abduction of these people to prison camps by formally prosecuting them, but all these judgments are further proof of the crimes against humanity against Uyghurs and other Turkic ethnic groups in China.”

It turns out that many of the beheaded people were beheaded without committing a crime under Chinese law, the report said.

“The Chinese Communist Party controls all three branches of the criminal justice system, denying the right to a fair trial on a large scale. . . . The government often deprives suspects in political cases of all immunity. “This is especially true in hard-hitting operations that lead police, prosecutors and the judiciary to work together to achieve political ends.”

Maya Wang noted that the international community should not be misled by the Chinese government’s order to sentence some people to prison according to the court’s verdict. They should know that all of them, whether they are in the camps or those who were cut, are being illegally detained. He said:

“The Chinese government’s opening of completely illegal camps has faced strong opposition from the international community. As a result, the Chinese government expelled some people from the camps, transferred some to forced labor, and killed some. The danger here is that the fact that those sentenced to prison are cut off under the so-called legal cap may slow down the international community’s treatment of these people. The fact that the amputations are so-called legal amputations is likely to deter the international community from pressuring China. Therefore, the international community should pay attention to this, whether these people are in camps or in prison, they must not forget that they are all people who have been deprived of their freedom due to the crimes against humanity committed by the Chinese government in the region.

The main point of the report is that the above-mentioned more than half a million people tried and executed do not include those imprisoned in camps under the name of “re-education” in Uyghur, which shows the extent of illegal kidnapping in Uyghur.

Human Rights Watch called on the international community to take immediate action, to seize the momentum of the report released by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and thereby advance the accountability of the Chinese government and its officials.

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