“Socialism is a machine of oppression!” – Uighur

The 2022 International Conference of the International Parliamentary Association on China (IPAC) concluded on September 14 at the US State Capitol, and the IPAC statement was officially released on the same day. The statement announced the adoption of a series of resolutions on China, with a special emphasis on establishing a global coalition to contain China. Among these decisions, a special place was also allocated to the Uyghur issue, and the massacre that the Uighurs are facing is the most prominent example of human rights violations. In particular, the Chinese government’s ongoing suppression of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of religious belief, as well as arbitrary abductions and forced disappearances, said: “The massive human rights violations in the Uyghur region are drawing our attention. Although reliable evidence of oppression and crimes has been collected in the area, the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has failed to conduct an actual investigation in the Uyghur region.

The statement also calls for the Chinese government to hold the Chinese government accountable for such abuses and to improve legislation to curb forced labor in the Uyghur region. Applying it to China, allowing independent inspections by UN personnel in the Uyghur region, and exercising caution when exporting delicate science and technology to China to prevent them from being weaponized for tyranny were also discussed separately.

Between the meetings, some parliamentarians who talked about the Chinese challenge presented at the meeting and its impact on the world received separate interviews with our radio station and talked about the relationship between these issues and the Uyghur community.

Member of the European Parliament Miriam Lexmann, a politician born and raised in the former Czechoslovakia, one of the first strongholds of the socialist system at the time, stressed the importance of knowing what China really means to the world when it comes to this: “Yes. Now there is no way to talk with the Uyghurs there. Because I know they can’t freely watch the news in the media. So they are not capable of knowing what is being said in today’s meeting. But the Uyghur community abroad is very important for the continuation of this matter and for the legal departments of democratic countries to remind the Uyghur people and encourage people from all walks of life to support the Uyghur people. Many parliaments have now decided that what the Uyghurs are going through is genocide. A UN report on Uyghurs was also published recently. In this matter, we also pressured the UN to publish this report and inform the world what is really happening there. Anyway, it finally worked out. China is oppressing now. Therefore, we must let the world know that the communist system is not an open business partner, but how it oppresses the people, including the Uyghurs, suppresses religious communities, and brutally suppresses any ideological opposition. On the other hand, we stand with those people and support them, and it is more important that we try to broadcast their voices that cannot be heard.”

Miriam Lexman believes that the current world market is enjoying the benefits of China’s cheap labor products, and if this situation continues, the consequences of this desire for such benefits will be to destroy the fundamental basis of the existence of the Western world.

“Looking at it, the products of modern slave labor, including Uyghurs, are entering our markets. Because we buy them in bulk because they are cheap. If this trend is not stopped, this kind of greed will eventually destroy our democracy and our free society. I emphasize what many people say, “Russia is an ideology, but China is just a business partner.” China is actually a system that produces oppression, but not an ideology. I was born in Slovakia, a former communist country. So I know that the Marxist system is an ideology and is very harmful to humanity and society. From this point of view, we need to understand what is happening in China and what China is doing abroad. Now their ideology is destroying our free society and democracy. Their claim that we follow Marxism and Leninism is just a play on words. To understand this, it is important to look at what they are doing, not what they are saying. Doing business with democracies and free societies was impossible in the former Soviet Union, as well as in the communist societies of Europe. Western countries also had no opportunity to cooperate with communist countries through trade relations. China did this and used it to gain power. “But they are trying to undermine and destroy our democratic system and economic base through foreign trade advantage, technology theft and other means.”

Oleksandr Merezhko, a member of the Ukrainian parliament who received our interview, emphasized the importance of what this means for the world as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reaches its peak. He believes that cooperation between Russia and China is reaching its peak, and this is a sign of great danger not only for Ukraine, but also for the world.

“It’s too dangerous now. Because we are fighting in Ukraine. We were urging the EU not to buy oil from Russia. Because to do so would be equivalent to pouring oil into Russia’s war machine. On the other hand, Russia is now massacring in Ukraine. So from this point of view, those who bought oil from Russia will be those who financially supported the massacre of Ukrainians. And now the Chinese are doing just that. They bought large amounts of oil that the EU did not buy. This will aggravate the tragedy facing the Ukrainian people. But we are still undefeated. Because we are fighting to protect our country, our families, and our children. After all, we have no choice but to fight. We are effectively defeating the Russian army, which is the second most powerful army in the world, on the territory of Ukraine. “This alone proves that small democracies can triumph over huge autocracies when the time comes.”

According to MP Alexander, the good thing is that the world has at least noticed this danger and is starting to take some measures against it. Because of this, despite Ukraine’s weakness, it is helping and opening ways to defeat Russia.

“Now we are witnessing a two-faced massacre,” he said. On the one hand, the Russian army is massacring in Ukraine, while the People’s Republic of China is massacring the Uyghurs. We must remember that genocide is not a crime against a particular people. Rather, it is a crime against all humanity. Therefore, when this kind of massacre occurs, the world must unite and cooperate against it. After the Holocaust, it was emphasized that these things would not happen again. But these are happening again before our eyes. In such a situation, every person, every government, every parliament has a duty to stop this kind of massacre, including the massacre of the Ukrainian people and Uyghurs.

Currently, the Chinese government’s tyranny and massacres are widely known internationally, and there are growing calls for immediate action to be taken in this regard. At the same time, there is a lot of work to be done in this field.

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