“Starving during the siege is a part of genocide” – Uighur

On September 11th, at the “Extended network meeting of the representatives of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee” called by the Central Committee, he pointed out the importance of protesting the policy of starving the Uyghurs under the pretext of the plague.

In the meeting presided over by the Vice President Farhat Muhammed, the President Mr. Shang Isa delivered the opening speech.

About 165 people from “Eastern Turkistan NGOs”, public figures and experts who are active in all parts of the world participated in the conference, and some decisions were made against the policy of expanding China. Mr. Wang Isa emphasized that this decision focused on mobilizing Eastern Turkistan NGOs around the world to protest against China.

Mr. Wang Isa emphasized that China’s siege policy on the Chinese mainland is different from that of the Uyghurs, and that the current siege in Gulji is a part of China’s genocide policy. He said, “China’s current siege policy in Gulji is different from any siege policy in the world or even in China.” The Chinese people in the Mainland have been brutally and brutally confined to the Chinese people. This is now continuing as part of the genocide in East Turkistan. The genocide of China’s Uyghurs is clearly showing itself even during the epidemic period.

Mr. Wang Isa said that the 51st General Assembly of the United Nations will begin in Geneva on September 12. During the assembly, the Uyghur World Congress together with Amnesty International, International Human Rights Watch and other organizations will hold a special meeting at the UN. The Uyghur Genocide, as well as the Uighurs were starving during the siege.

At the “Wednesday Network Conference of Expanded Representatives of the United Nations”, after giving a brief report on the plague, Uyghur Academy General Prosecutor, Uyghur Academy Vice President, Dr. Mamet Imin gave an account of the Chinese government’s policy of home confinement among Uyghur people. He argued that China’s house arrest policy against Chinese is different from that of Uyghurs, which is part of the genocide.

Dr. Mamet Imin gave information on how East Turkistan organizations and Uyghurs abroad should deal with the siege policy being carried out by the Uyghurs of China, and how they should broadcast it internationally.

On September 8, a message posted on social media said that 4 teenage children from the same family were seriously ill and life-threatening. A report on the 9th reported that a teenage girl died alone at home. News on social media revealed that Maulan Sidiq from Karayagach village of Yining county died because his medicine did not arrive in time during the siege.

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