Swedish Fashion Week Introduces Uyghur Massacre – Uyghur

On September 3, at the “Swedish Fashion Week” fashion festival held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, the model girls’ dresses showed a lively reaction to the massacre activists in the Uyghur region.

According to the information given on the Facebook page of Raphael Glucksmann, a member of the European Parliament and a prominent political activist, Louise Xin, a model and activist of Chinese origin, was pushed closely at the fashion festival that day by “Swiss”. “Fashion Week” contestants displayed written information about the Uyghur massacre to the participants. Slogans such as “Stop Uyghur Forced Labor!” and “Let’s End Modern Slave Labor” emblazoned in large letters on the models’ clothes silently announced that the current issue of modern slave labor is as important as the climate issue.

It turns out that Mr. Raphael, Javhar Ishma and Luisa Shin worked closely together on this issue and convinced event organizers to display slogans about Uyghurs. At the same time, he emphasized that the cotton products coming out of the Uyghur land are covering the global clothing market through the forced labor of Uyghurs, and the activities to oppose this should be extended from Sweden to the European Parliament. “The event in Stockholm is just a small beginning,” said Mr. Raphael. We saw a glimmer of hope from this human act of fashion week.”

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