The answer to the question about Tik-Tok security is Uygur

China’s largest short video sharing platform Tik-Tok (Doin) has attracted a lot of attention after it was reported by the American network BuzzFeed that it collects users’ private information and that the Chinese government can view this information at any time.

US politicians are paying particular attention to the case, saying it means the private information of millions of Americans has fallen into China’s hands.

On September 14, members of the US House of Representatives repeatedly asked TikTok’s US chief operating officer, Vanessa Pappas, about the issue in a testimony before the US Senate National Security Committee. They asked whether Tik Tok’s data on its US users could be viewed in China. However, Vanessa refrained from answering this openly. “We have the safety of all people in mind,” he said, without specifying that the company would not ship it to China.

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