The Chinese government has opposed the UN human rights body’s claim to the Uyghur region

After the United Nations released a report that the Chinese government may be committing crimes against humanity in the Uyghur region, representatives of the Chinese government attending the UN General Assembly are trying their best to block the UN human rights body from submitting a proposal on the Uyghur region.

Reuters reported that a number of countries participating in the UN conference are accusing China of human rights violations in the Uyghur region, and China is moving to prevent the introduction of an anti-China resolution on the Uyghur region at the UN.

The Chinese government brought Xu Guixiang, the spokesperson of the autonomous region from the Uighur region, to Geneva to speak. In his speech to foreign reporters, Xu Guixiang said that he is not afraid of any proposals against China, because he has prepared enough to counter it.

The report shows that since the publication of the UN report, there has been renewed effort between the democratic countries and the pro-China countries, and this UN Council meeting was an important stage for it.

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