The Chinese government is trying to further strengthen the “Cultural Feeding of Xinjiang” project

According to the Chinese “Xinjiang Daily” website, the opening ceremony of the “7th China-Eurasia Exhibition China-Chat Al Culture Exhibition Week” was held on September 18.

Zhang Chunlin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Uyghur Autonomous Region and head of the propaganda department, gave an opening speech at the ceremony and called for “promoting international cultural cooperation, telling the story of Xinjiang, and showing the image of Xinjiang in the new era.”

The Chinese media is working hard to promote this event, and the report unanimously states that the “China-Chat Al Culture Week” is an important cultural event in the Sino-Eurasian Exhibition, and has become an important platform for the Uyghur region’s cultural exchanges with foreign countries.

In addition, on September 19, the Uyghur Autonomous Region and Bingtuan authorities signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China’s state-owned Zijing Cultural Group to deepen the project of “feeding Xinjiang with culture”. Zijing Culture Group is a leading state-owned enterprise in China, and has started to play a leading role in the promotion of Chinese culture by monopolizing the media, film and television industries.

Maya Wang, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch, said, “The Chinese government’s so-called ‘cultural project’ is to openly Chineseize the Uyghurs, which is actually a crime against humanity.” From this, China’s holding the “China-Chat Al Culture Week” and inviting state-owned cultural groups to the Uyghur region show China’s attempts to make its culture absolutely dominant in the region.

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