The current situation of the virus epidemic in the Uyghur region continues to cause concern

The Chinese government has been aggressively promoting the decline of the Tajik virus epidemic in the Uyghur region in recent times, and the statistics are known to be changing accordingly. The Chinese government-run news agency Xinhua reported on September 12 that by midnight on September 11, there were four new confirmed cases of the virus in the Uyghur region, all of them in Urumqi. An increase of 24 from asymptomatic patients. The report also highlighted the fact that the infected patients have been treated and discharged from the hospital.

However, according to “Xinjiang News Network” on September 8, the Korla Municipal Government issued a public statement and “apologized to the people.” In the statement, they noted that government departments are facing various challenges in controlling the Tajikman virus and that there has been serious unrest among citizens due to extreme measures to contain the spread of the virus epidemic. At the same time, they said that they will ask for forgiveness from the people for these situations.

On September 11, Yining City Vice Mayor Xia Jigo announced a television statement saying that 79 of Yining City’s “inactive management areas” have been canceled and indicated that the epidemic situation has decreased. However, in some short videos widely circulated on social media, some Uyghurs began to die of hunger due to the strict siege measures in Yining City called “to prevent the epidemic”, and a group of Uyghurs who did not want to starve broke the siege measures and went to the streets to express their displeasure.

According to the news of “China News Network” on September 11, five of the areas designated as “areas at high risk of virus epidemic” and two areas of “areas at moderate risk of virus epidemic” have increased in Urumqi. All of the newly added “areas at high risk of virus epidemics” are located in the Uighur-populated areas of Diyarbakir and Bulagtag (Shuimogo), which is highly consistent with the virus-related accusations on social media.

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