The deaths caused by virus control in the Uyghur region caused a great international uproar

Short videos circulating on social media recently show that some Uyghurs have started to die of hunger due to the siege measures that have been going on for more than a month under the slogan of “reducing the infection to zero”. This situation has recently been confirmed by our radio station, and this crisis has started to make a big noise in the world media.

The “New York Times” newspaper article on September 11 titled “Only Bread and Noodles Remained” said that since the beginning of August, the people of Yining have been suffering from the severe pain of starvation. At least 600,000 people are now trapped in their homes and dependent on food deliveries, the report said. The food being delivered was mostly bread and ready-made noodles, and the people had hardly seen any meat or herbs for a month. This kind of situation was seen in Shanghai, China during the siege in early 2022, but people did not starve to death in Shanghai. This indirectly shows that the siege of Yining City is many times more serious than the siege of Shanghai. At present, “reducing the virus epidemic to zero” is the number one goal.

The “Washington Post” op-ed on September 12 said that these tough measures may continue at least until the opening of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China. They quoted Xinhua News Agency as saying that Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan said, “Some measures for the virus epidemic can be partially eased, but it is still important to adhere to preventive measures before the congress so that the virus epidemic does not spread on a large scale.”

According to the report, a person named Gulnazer told reporters that they have been stuck in their houses for more than 40 days, the doors of the houses are locked with stone, and the doors will only be opened when the virus epidemic inspectors arrive. “We are now drinking bread and bulk every day. “We have never seen milk or grass.”

It turns out that short videos about the increasing number of deaths due to starvation, the unnecessary slaughter of livestock, and the wilting of ready-made fodder and fruits due to the very strict lockdown measures to control the virus epidemic have been widely circulated on social media. In accordance with this, there are many objections from the public. In order to quell public dissatisfaction, the Yining City Government issued a notice on September 10 and apologized to the people for some problems caused by the blockade measures. But he denied that people were dying of starvation and announced that four people had been kidnapped for spreading such “news”. Some Uyghur activists are now suggesting that this reality be called a “famine massacre” because of such actions by the Chinese government.

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