The decrease in the virus epidemic in the Uyghur region raises doubts – Uyghur

According to the report of the Chinese government-run “China News Network” on August 5, four new people in the Uyghur region were diagnosed with the Tajik virus epidemic until midnight that day. According to the report, the new infected people are all in Urumqi, and there are 32 asymptomatic patients.

It is known that the Chinese government has recently reported that the virus epidemic has been brought under control and that the number of epidemics is decreasing. But because they keep the information about the virus secret and do not tell the truth about the virus epidemic, the level of authenticity of the information about the current decline in the virus epidemic has been raising doubts.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” reported on September 5 that the Chinese government has placed at least 33 cities under “semi-lockdown” across China, stressing that this move, which directly affects the lives of 65 million people, is an effective way to control the current epidemic. But the review said that the main reason is to “ensure the successful opening of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China”, which is why the current siege has shut down not only residences, but also offices, schools, entertainment facilities, and hospitals. It is reported that Urumqi is among the cities under such “semi-siege”. However, information on social media indicates that the measures being implemented in Urumqi are a very strict “total siege”.

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