The European Commission asked the Czech Republic to raise the Uyghur genocide in the UN on behalf of Europe

The Czech Republic was one of the first countries to recognize the “Uyghur Genocide” in 2021. Mr. Jan Lipavsky, who once worked hard for this in the Czech Parliament, is now the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs. On the 8th of September, he received a delegation led by the President of the People’s Republic of China, Zang Isa, and held talks on the Uyghur issue for nearly an hour.

In this special interview, Mr. Isa, who received our interview, talked about the talks he had with the Czech Foreign Minister Mr. Jan Lipavsky, and talked about the meetings he held with the high-level leaders of the Czech Republic, which is currently the EU presidency, in July this year and the goals.

In the conversation with Czech Foreign Minister Mr. Jan Lipavsky, Mr. Vang Isa discussed the current situation of the Uyghurs, and requested the Czech Republic to put the issue of the Uyghur genocide on the agenda of the 27 EU member states at the 51st UN Human Rights Council meeting to be convened in the coming days. did

In the interview, Mr. Sang Isa also said that the Chinese regime is allowing Uyghurs to starve to death under the pretext of protecting themselves from an infectious disease in Eastern Turkistan, and the 27 EU member states should take urgent measures in this regard.

In his speech at the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang Isa reminded that the UN has not convened a general meeting on the Uyghurs suffering from genocide and has not adopted any decision on the Uyghurs.

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