The novel “The Big City” by Farhat Shui has become the subject of attention in the Western media

After the translation of the novel “The Big City” by the exiled writer Farhat Seyur into English, news and discussions about the novel began to appear in famous media such as “The Atlantic”, “Wall Street Magazine”, “The New York Times”, and “NPR”. .

In the “Atlant” magazine, writer and commentator Ed Park (Ed Park) published an article entitled “A James Joyce has emerged in Xinjiang”, praising the novel “The Big City” by Farhat Siwa, a British writer who made the author famous for his novel “Yulishes”. Like James Joyce. James Jayes described the ruined state of Dublin city in a single day in his novel “Yulishes”, while Farhat Shui masterfully revealed the foreign and ugly state of Urumqi city separated from Uyghurs.

In this article, the author specifically mentions that the writer Farhat Sui and the anonymous Uyghur intellectual, who is the second translator of this novel, were persecuted by China; The character described in the novel is a Uyghur living in Urumqi in a state of wandering, desperation, depression and misery. It shows that the Uyghur lives in this city, which has been invaded by the Chinese who have gathered all the power and wealth, and that the Uyghur live in severe stress, anger and helplessness all the time, and there is no way out, and this is shown by the Chinese government. 2017 is linked to the genocide that started.

Derren Byler, the translator of the novel, shared the article on his Facebook page and expressed his opinion: “Pharhat, whatever the quality of his work, is a hero. For us English-speakers, his 136-page tome is proof. “However, this is a perfect work of art that has captured a quarter of a century.”

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