“The Pope should recognize the Uyghur genocide!” – Uighur

Austria’s “Catholic News Agency” published an article on September 23 titled “World Uyghur Leader: Pope Should Recognize Uyghur Genocide.” In the article, the central theme of the speech of the President of the U.S.C., Mr. Wang Issa, in his speech at the Austrian Parliament on September 22, was to call the Pope to recognize the Uyghur genocide and to raise a positive voice for the Uyghurs.

According to the article, “Mr. Sang Isa, the president of the World Uygurs, calls for the governments and societies of various countries to make joint efforts to end the genocide in East Turkistan, and Pope Francis should break his silence, recognize the Uyghur genocide, and raise a positive voice for the Uyghurs.” did.”

In the article, it is noted that in his book “Let’s Dare to Dream” published at the end of 2020, Pope Francis talked about the “poor Uyghurs” and compared the situation of the Uyghurs to the situation of the Rohingya Muslims. In the article, the word “Eastern Turkistan” was added after the term “Xinjiang”.


Mr. Sang Isa, the president of the DRC, who received our interview from Vienna today on September 23, said that they finished their activities in Geneva on September 20 and arrived in Vienna on September 21 at the invitation of the Austrian Parliament. They testified about the concentration camps in the parliament together with the camp witness Sairaghul Sautbailar.

On September 22, the Austrian parliament held a meeting about Uyghurs that was open to the public. In response to the questions of the religious community raised in this meeting, the president of the UQU, Mr. Isa, urged Pope Francis to recognize the Uyghur genocide and raise a positive voice for the Uyghur people.

On September 23, the Austrian daily “Akhbarat” asked “What is hidden behind China’s re-education camps?” published an article titled “Re-education Institutions” by the Chinese government, describing genocide taking place behind the scenes of these concentration camps.

In the article, the author first gives an account of the Uyghurs and says: “The name “Xinjang” is the Chinese name for a rich province in the northwest of China. It means “new border,” but for the Muslim people here, it is still East Turkistan. 90 percent of the world’s Uyghurs and other neighboring Muslim peoples live in this land.

This article is full of statements from the camp witness Sairagull Savurasi. Sairagull, who received our interview from Geneva today, first talked about the testimony session on September 21. He also called on Austria’s Volker Turk, who was appointed as the new High Commissioner to the UN Human Rights Council, to take active action against the Uyghur genocide. During these few days in South Vienna, Sairagul also received interviews from the media.

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