“The UN is afraid to mention the Chinese massacre!” – Uighur

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s report on the Uyghur diaspora, announced before her departure, has once again caused the Uyghur issue to become a hot topic worldwide. In particular, the publication of the actions of the Chinese government against the Uyghurs in the name of the world’s highest level international organization has essentially indirectly confirmed the existence of the genocidal behavior that activists, organizations, and finally some Western countries led by the United States have been emphasizing for years. For that reason, many experts still see the report as highly positive. Dr. Azeem Ibrahim, a professor at the US Army University and a senior researcher at the New Line College, a well-known think tank in Washington, wrote an article on this topic published in the journal “Foreign Policy” on September 6. As an international organization, they have been criticized for being afraid of China, but their late release of such a report is applauded.

According to Dr. Azim Ibrahim, the report unfortunately does not use the term “genocide”. It was not even allowed to suggest the term. Another point is that in the Uyghur region, the content of making women sterile through medical means has been greatly reduced. In the report, the Chinese government is committing crimes against humanity with the term “possible”, and it is clear that the UN Human Rights Council is of the opinion that the final judgment of this type cannot be done without going through the legal process of entities such as the International Criminal Court. During our conversation, Azim Ibrahim emphasized that the publication of this report is still a step towards revealing the truth, given the existence of such tragedies:

“First of all, I must say that I am very surprised by the publication of this report. Because the Chinese government tried so hard to prevent the release of this report. All in all, the publication of this report was a well-deserved ‘response’ to their hasty steps. But one thing they didn’t understand was that when the report was ready, they submitted it to the Chinese Communist Party for review. Then they ‘edited’ it. This is another unprecedented thing in history. Because I have never heard of such a thing as writing a report, accusing a certain crime, and then sending it to the person involved and changing his mind. So in that sense, it’s a good step. When Michelle Bachelet went to China, the Chinese Communist Party arranged for her to be observed and ‘convinced’ that what was being rumored outside did not exist in Xinjiang. So a promotional game was born in this place. Again, the report came out in a weaker form, failing to strongly condemn the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Uighurs. But the release of the report is a big step towards the truth. Because the things mentioned in it are true and tell what the Chinese Communist Party is doing to the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. And so the outside world became aware of these things once again. “Although its recommendations are weak, it is a small step in the right direction, but it does not go too far.”

The author believes that although the term “genocide” is not used in this UN report, some Western governments and parliaments, as well as some reports, repeatedly refer to it as “genocide”. At the same time, the evidence is presented. This report, with other evidence similar to that, shows the reality that the Chinese government is “trying to completely exterminate” the Uyghurs. The author reminds of these situations that China is deliberately committing genocide, and China’s current actions are the final goal of completely destroying a nation both materially and spiritually. Emphasis is placed on the alleged conduct.

It’s this kind of fatal flaw that makes the Chinese government as nervous as a chicken with a burnt leg. In the process, it is known from unofficial sources that the Chinese government and Chinese embassies are trying to prevent the publication of this report through various means. Just as they forced the World Health Organization to publish information that was in line with their wishes on the cholera epidemic a few years ago, this time they also forced the UN to act in China’s interests. Again, China being the second largest donor country to the UN, Chinese officials occupying important positions in UN committees, these officials using all measures to block all voices about Uyghurs in the UN, the Chinese government’s “One Belt One Road” Because the economic expansion behavior like the construction of the “international development model” has been going on for years, some people believe that China’s attempt to suppress this report is not far from being successful.

So Azim Ibrahim says that it is a miracle that the report was published at the last minute in the face of such reality:

“Because China’s influence on international forums and stages is getting too big, even weak organizations like the UN have not been affected by it. In retrospect, Michelle Bachelet’s trip to China was completely controlled and influenced by China. What he saw in Xinjiang also came true according to China’s will. So now many things, including human rights issues, have been shaped according to China’s dream. Looking back, although we presented so many evidences in the report on the Uyghur massacre that I prepared in cooperation with more than 50 well-known experts at the New Lenya Institute, the UN Secretary General remained silent about these matters. These events also show very vividly how weak the UN is in essence. Seeing this weakness, China has been trying to use it for its own benefit. But even if they can exert their influence, they cannot change the four principles of the UN. “Although they seem to be partially correcting some things, they will not achieve the goal of completely weaponizing the UN.”

It turns out that the UN report, although it cannot change the reality of how weak an organization it is, but it is considered to be of particular value as it exposes the crimes of the Chinese government to some extent. That’s why various discussions about this report continue to be held.

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