“The UN report has been published, and now it is the turn of the Turkish government and parliament to take action” – Uygur

After the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights announced the report on the Uyghurs, which has been delayed for a year, Turkey’s first “Yi” or “Good” Party MP Fahrettin Yusuk called a press conference, and now it’s time for the Turkish government and parliament to take action. insisted that he had arrived.

At a press conference held at the East Turkistan Ashtray Center in Ankara on September 3, World Uyghur Congress Vice President Dr. Free Ekram, Uyghur Academy Foundation Executive Committee President Abdulhamit Karakhan, East Turkistan Research Foundation President Dr. Abdulkerim Bugra, Uyghur Representative Khairullah Efandigil and Uighurs in Ankara attended the press conference. participated.

Mr. Fahrettin Yukush, a member of parliament, stressed in a press statement that it is admirable that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has published this report, and that the United Nations should take immediate measures to stop the Uyghur massacre.

He said: “The United Nations Human Rights Commission’s report on human rights violations in East Turkistan was published on August 31st. Despite all the pressure from China, which is a member of the United Nations Security Council, the report was published a year late. This is the official acceptance by the UN of the crimes China has committed in East Turkistan for 73 years.

Mr. Fahrettin Yukush, member of parliament, spoke about the content of the 48-page report on Uyghurs published by the UN. He said: “Dear members of the conference, in the 48-page report published by the United Nations, the Chinese government’s actions of arbitrary arrest and torture of the Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Turkic peoples who are the owners of East Turkistan, forced sterilization of women, and separation of children from their families, etc. International crimes, especially crimes against humanity, are shown.

In addition to these, the report states that there is evidence that China has seriously violated the human rights of minorities, arbitrarily abducted them, and oppressed peoples such as Uyghurs and Kazakhs in prisons in inhumane ways as a result of China’s arbitrary enforcement of security laws. The report, prepared over a long period of time by a large number of experts, provides detailed documentation of China’s forced sterilization of women, abortions under the name of family planning, and separation of children from their families. It has been shown that these may be crimes against humanity.

Mr. Fahrettin Yukush called on the United Nations to fulfill the calls in the report: “The 48-page report released by the United Nations calls for the immediate release of all those who have been arbitrarily detained by the Chinese government.”

We demand that the Chinese government first implement the requirements contained in the UN report. If the Chinese government does not implement these, and continues to oppress the people of East Turkistan in prison camps and prisons, this report will not make any sense. Therefore, for the implementation of the requirements in this report, Turkey should put pressure on the Chinese state, especially from all the countries of the United Nations.

Mr. Fahrettin Yukush emphasized that the Yi Party will always continue to support the Uyghurs. We will continue to protect the rights and rights of the East Turkistan people. The people of East Turkistan are not without wealth. We will continue to stand by the oppressed people wherever the “Yi” party is.”

“Yi” is an opposition party that has been supporting Uyghurs since its foundation. At the end of the press conference, Mr. Fahrettin Yukush talked about what his party had done for the Uyghurs. He said: “We, as the Yiyi Party, have held many activities about East Turkistan in the Turkish Parliament since 2018. We prepared reports and convened meetings. As the “Ii” party, on December 14, 2021, we prepared and published a comprehensive report in three languages ​​about “human rights abuses in East Turkistan” and made the world hear about China’s oppression.

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