The UN report on Uyghurs has caused a great stir in the world – Uyghurs

United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet officially announced the evaluation report on the Uyghur region, which has been eagerly awaited by various countries and organizations, as well as thousands of individuals. The report concluded that the Chinese government’s actions in the Uyghur region were “crimes against humanity.” At the same time, it seems that some mystery has been revealed as to why the Chinese government is working so hard to block the release of this report.

With the publication of this report, various comments and other opinions about mass kidnapping, sexual abuse, forced birth rate reduction, loss of language and culture, etc., which are considered to be the contents of the genocide in the Uyghur region, are once again confirmed to be correct. Because the situation in both of them perfectly matched each other. On the other hand, the late publication of this report in the name of the UN, “will this report disappear forever?” It is known that it is a little balm for the anxious hearts of many people who are worried about this. Therefore, the publication of this report has become a hot topic that has been covered by various media outlets, and has largely eliminated some of the rumors about the Uyghur region.

The Japanese government, which has recently been increasingly active in publicly criticizing the Chinese government’s actions in the Uyghur region, was among the first to respond to the report after its release. Chief Secretary of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers Matsuno Hirokazu (Matsuno Hirokazu) made a special statement about this; “The Japanese government is deeply concerned about the human rights situation in Xinjiang. “We firmly believe that it is very important to guarantee universal values ​​such as freedom, human rights and the rule of law.” The German Foreign Ministry immediately responded to this and expressed its appreciation for the publication of the report. He also pointed out that “this report confirms that the situation we are concerned about in Xinjiang is true.”

The report’s conclusion that “the Chinese government may be committing crimes against humanity in the name of fighting terrorism and extremism” and “it is reasonable to infer the existence of mass abductions” are among the most important points of the report. Again, the United States and some other Western governments have been emphasizing the basic point that the United Nations, the highest international organization in the world, has played a role in affirming, especially forced labor, mental and physical torture in camps called “educational centers”, and birth control. The application of various medical methods in the form of coercion, giving place to statements about the real existence of those who commit sexual abuse has attracted strong attention from all fields.

On September 1, the US State Department, which made the first decision about the Uyghur massacre, issued an official statement about the report. Foreign Affairs Minister Anthony Blinken said in a statement that he welcomed the release of the report; “This report authoritatively confirms the People’s Republic of China’s brutal treatment of Uyghurs and other ethnic groups. “At the same time, the Chinese government will once again confirm that our concerns about the massacres and crimes against humanity committed against the Uyghurs and other religious communities in Xinjiang are justified.” The statement also featured lines that the U.S. government will work closely with its allies, civil society and the international community to demand justice and accountability for victims, as well as those abducted or abducted by the Chinese government.

The White House, along with the US State Department, released a statement on the report. According to Reuters news on September 1, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spoke to reporters about this and said they warmly applauded the report. In his speech about this; “We urge the Chinese government to immediately put an end to these barbaric practices. We also request that independent investigation teams be allowed to carry out a full and unrestricted investigation.

The White House’s views on the report were reiterated in a response to the US House of Representatives’ Executive Committee on China Affairs. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss tweeted, “This report provides new evidence of the Chinese government’s attempts to suppress Uyghurs and silence their voices, as well as their crimes against humanity. In this regard, the British government has been leading international efforts to hold the Chinese government accountable. “We will work together with our international allies to put pressure on the Chinese government to stop human rights abuses in Xinjiang.”

Following the release of the report, the European Union, Human Rights Watch, Liberty Hall, the International Parliamentary Union on China, and the World Uyghur Congress also issued statements in support of its release. Some commentators such as Josh Rogin point out that the report of the UN Human Rights Council, although it does not directly describe the reality in the Uyghur region as a “genocide”, describes in detail a number of realities in this regard: the camp system, the mental and psychological conditions of innocent hostages. Physical torture, sexual abuse, forced birth control, forced sterilization, and loss of language and culture are all included in the UN’s description of the genocide. Because of this, this report does not use the term “genocide”, but it can be said that the situation in this area is a genocide. That is why the Chinese government, which is preparing for the 20th Congress, expressed its strong opposition to this report.

On the same day as the report was published, the spokesperson of the Chinese government’s permanent headquarters in the United Nations spoke about it; “This report is full of lies. In it, the enemy forces in the West tried to turn facts into a political tool to blacken our country’s face. Similarly, the Chinese government quickly prepared a 131-page rebuttal report against the 48-page report, stressing that they have been “severely victimized by terrorism and extremism” and that “defensive measures” are necessary in this regard. But not a single word was said about the logic of punishing the entire Uyghurs for violent acts of protest by a few dozen people.

Since the release of the report, the UN itself is known to be in a strong mood. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres responded to reporters’ questions about the matter: “I hope the Chinese government will accept the recommendations mentioned in this report.” The UN Human Rights Council responded by email on behalf of Michelle Bachelet to our questions about the uproar over the release of the report and the next steps. It contains the following lines:

“The final conclusions, as I have indicated in the evaluation report, are based on a lot of work and evaluation. At the same time, I believe that the reactions I have received from the Chinese government in this regard should be treated with great caution. Now the situation there is very serious. I mentioned these things in my conversations with China’s high-level state leaders and regional leaders. In the same way, I treated it as a previous issue in my (China) visit. Even when there is no possibility, negotiation and hands-on work are still ways to try to build trust. But dialogue does not mean condoning these things or turning a blind eye. It also includes talking about it. On the other hand, it is not actively resisting such criticism, but accepting it and taking appropriate action can make a difference in the lives of people there.”

Discussions and debates about the report are once again a hot topic in the world’s media, and there are no ideas about what to do in a stronger age.

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