The Uyghur Genocide was on the agenda at the “Munber 2000” conference

On August 31, the UN Human Rights Council published a report on the Uyghurs that had been published for 1 year, causing a great uproar in the international community. The 26th “Munber 2000” meeting was being held in the Czech capital Prague. Famous political activists, diplomats, and researchers from many countries participated in the meeting. On behalf of the Uyghurs, the president of the UQU, Mr. Isa, the leader of the Uyghur Movement Organization in Washington, D.C. and exposed their crimes against humanity.

Today, on September 1st, Mr. Sang Issa, the President of the National People’s Congress, who received our interview from Piraga, first gave a brief report on the activities related to Uyghurs held at the “Munber 2000” conference. In his speech, he emphasized that the Chinese Uyghur genocide and crimes against humanity were important topics on the agenda of this conference.

The leader of the Uyghur Action Organization, Ms. Abbas Abbas, said in an interview that she called on western democratic countries and the whole world to be aware of China’s disaster. After giving the examples of using millions of Uyghurs as slave labor, separating millions of children from their parents, and forcing them to undergo Chinese education, I argued that China is not only a disaster for East Turkistan, but a disaster for the whole world. For this reason, China is not only trying to destroy the Uyghur nation, but also using violence in Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and Hong Kong, threatening Taiwan, and using debt traps to support poor countries. At the same time, I emphasized that the world still does not fully understand China’s sinister intentions, which are challenging Western democracy, freedom, and universal values. I mentioned that world peace cannot be guaranteed without eliminating this scourge that is China.

Ms. Iveta, one of the leaders of the “Human Rights Forum” organization in central Piraga, also participated in the meeting. She accepted our interview and said: “At this important seminar we attended, the influential political figures spoke comprehensively about Chinese crimes and drew people’s attention to the Uighur problem. One of these was clearly Mrs. Abbas. The meeting also discussed the report on Uyghurs published by the United Nations on August 31. We realized from these speeches and reports that human rights organizations around the world have a lot to do for Uyghurs. In the coming days, we must try to bring the Chinese who are connected with the Uyghur genocide to the international court, as well as find measures to stop the countries and companies that have economic cooperation with China from complicity in the oppression of the Uyghur people. “We also recognize the need to intensify our campaign against the countries and peoples who are preventing China’s various fake propaganda.”

The “Munber 2000” conference was co-founded in 1996 by former Czech president and famous human rights activist Vaslav Havel, Japanese philanthropist Yohei Sasakawa, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. It’s about finding solutions to problems that occur in racial fields.

Vaslav Havel said about the building blocks of the “Munber 2000” conference: “Wherever intelligent people from all parts of the world, from different continents, from different cultures, from different fields of religious belief, but also from different branches of human science can gather and have a peaceful discussion, this is It would be nice, wouldn’t it?’

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