Traffic has started on the 3rd line of the highway in the Uygur region

According to the report of “China News Network” on August 31, the traffic on the 3rd line of the highway to and from the Uyghur region was opened on August 30. Thus, the total length of highways in the Uyghur region has exceeded 7,500 kilometers.

The Itambulak-Chalik highway has become one of the important transportation routes in the southeast of the Uyghur region. It starts from Itimbulak (or Chilanbulak) town of Chalik county in the south, which borders with Qinghai, and reaches the town of Chalik county in the north. This road is the 3rd highway that goes in and out of the Uygur region after the Lian Yungang-Khorgas highway and the Beijing-Urumqi highway.

According to the report, the Chinese government has spent 14.409 billion yuan to build this 294-kilometer long road. After the traffic on this road starts, cars from mainland China can directly enter Checharchan, Chilik, Hotan, and Kashgar.

The Chinese government is investing a lot in the construction of “accelerating access to and exiting Xinjiang, connecting the internal roads of Xinjiang, smoothing the middle between the south and the north, and connecting the border entry and exit” to make the region an important economic node in the “One Belt One Road” route and bring more inland to the region. It wants to create conditions for people and investment. However, China’s economy is declining and the epidemic situation is worsening, and China may not be able to implement that plan. Hillman, a researcher at the “Connected Asia” think tank in Washington, said: “I think the Belt and Road project may not die at sea. But where he will go on land is very doubtful.

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