“Uighur episodes I witnessed” (1) – Uighur

1950s Uyghur national spirit and national revival movements

A senior Uyghur intellectual living in Australia, a famous poet, and a witness to the political life of Uyghurs in the 20th century and even at the beginning of the 21st century, Mr. Ahmet Kuthambardi published his last book in Istanbul under the name “Life Destinations”. However, Mr. Akhmet Khambardi, who was born in Jimisar in 1936, spent his childhood and youth studying and working in Urumqi, and graduated from university in Tashkent, was imprisoned in Chinese prisons for ten years, and began his life as an expatriate in the 1980s. It is unique to hear the various political, social and cultural aspects of the educated Uyghur people from his own mouth.

In this part of our “History and Today” page, he dedicated his statements to the political, national and cultural awakening and ideological thoughts of the Uighurs in the 1950s.

Listen to the full interview at the link below.

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