UN members are calling for concrete action on Uyghurs

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s report on Uyghurs, released in the last minutes of her departure, has led to calls for action by UN members.

“Business World” newspaper reported on September 11 that the report has caused a big change in their view of the Chinese government. In particular, China, which is a member of the Security Council, has committed crimes against humanity, which has prompted many member states to take a different stance than before. At the same time, calls for concrete action against the Chinese government in response began to gain more support.

According to the news of Reuters, some countries have started a fierce debate focusing on the actions of “rejecting radio and television”, “wearing beards”, and “throwing away alcohol and cigarettes” mentioned in this report. . However, the Uyghur issue was not included in the council discussion, which will last from September 12 to October 4. There are currently a number of proposals for how to discuss this. One of the UN officials said anonymously that “acting against China, not acting, and/or failing to act all come at a cost.”

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