Volker Turkey to present a report on the Uyghurs at the UN Security Council

Germany’s national radio-television channel ARD reported from Geneva today, September 12, that the new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, will present the report on the Uyghurs published by Michelle Bachelet at the UN Security Council. This news was revealed by Katarina Stash, Germany’s ambassador to the UN, Assistant High Commissioner of the UN Human Rights Council, on the morning of September 12. But he did not say exactly what day it will be presented.

The report, titled “The Full Program of the Human Rights Council,” stated: “An explosive report on China has come out of the UN Office of the Special Representative for Human Rights. The Office operates independently of the Human Rights Council. What is certain is that serious accusations against China will be raised in the UN Security Council. Among other issues, the issue of torture and abuse of hostages in China’s Xinjiang region will also be discussed here.

Katarina Stash, assistant high commissioner of the Human Rights Council, said, “The document was prepared very carefully. China has clearly violated human rights. China’s human rights violations shown in the report are very serious and can be said to constitute crimes against humanity. It is clear that this report will play a very important role in the UN Human Rights Council.

According to the report, Austria’s Volker Turk, who replaced Michelle Bachelet as High Commissioner on September 8, has a very clear stance on human rights violations in China. I hope that he will present the report on the Uyghurs in a beautiful language in the Security Council. However, it is clear that China and Russia will oppose it among the 5 countries that have the right to reject the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China, which are permanent members of the Security Council. However, it is still important that the report be presented to the Security Council, the highest body of the UN.

The director of “Uyghur Justice Archive” and researcher of the prison camp, Mr. Balshiyar Omar believes that regardless of the outcome, the fact that the issue of serious human rights violations in East Turkistan will be discussed in the UN Security Council is an indication that the status of the Uyghur issue in the UN has greatly increased. can be considered.

The 51st General Session of the UN Human Rights Council began today, September 12, in Geneva. Ambassadors of nearly 200 countries and regions to the UN, diplomats, independent researchers of the UN, high observers and representatives of international human rights organizations qualified to observe in the UN, as well as journalists, will discuss this report and put the Uighur issue on the agenda. Most of all, he didn’t expect it. To this end, it has been an important task of the Ministry of Culture since recent times.

Speaking on this matter, the President of the Human Rights Council, Mr. Sang Isa, mentioned the activities they have carried out in this field before the 51st UN Human Rights Council meeting. According to him, until the end of September, he will cooperate with other international organizations to carry out a series of large-scale activities at the United Nations.

The report entitled “The Full Program of the Human Rights Council” stated that Russia continues to deny the massacre in Ukraine and the suppression of Chinese Uyghurs, and their influence in the UN. When talking about the issue, he said that he would stick to the reality of the Uyghurs and would not bow to China.

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